Glyndora Condon, Ms, MFT, NCC, LPC

Specialties: Behavioral, relational, parenting, Marriage, Domestic Violence Prevention,
Credentials: LPC, NCC, MS
Languages: English, ASL
Experience: 7 years
Telephone: 423-303-0472
Address: 1225 Wildwood Ave. SE, Suite C, , Cleveland, Tennessee

Hello, I am Glyndora Condon MS MFT NCC LPC; and I began my journey to be a counselor in 1985. I graduated from 3 college/university institutions with the highest honors to procure 4 degrees. My journey was stalled due to life happening and a variety of crisis’. I have experienced divorce, single parenting, blended families and parenting, the empty nest, the loss of a parent, serious illnesses, trauma, as well as: am a business owner for over 3 decades; and am a joyful grandmother of 9+ grandchildren, a mother of two natural born children, and step mother of two other children. It took being in the valleys of hardships that helped me to be a counselor who could identify with many dark issues; and these hardships created courage, perseverance, and the love of life. I have special needs children and grandchildren and am myself special needs.

One son has Aspergers, another has PTSD. A daughter has Nail Patella Syndrome. A granddaughter has been in a terrible car accident when she was two, and still is partially paralyzed. I understand trauma and hardship.

I have 17 years of exercise and nutrition experience, 14 years of CNA experience, 4 years of Activity Director experience with the senior citizens, and have marketed potential clients for vocations. This experience enables me to provide multiple services and insight. Whatever the issue, I am capable. I view people as not the problem; and help to identify faulty thinking and behaviors that are the problems.

If my clients become sick or indisposed, we do have online services that will help that client to not lose their opportunity for counseling; and if I am unable to counsel them due to sickness or being out of town for added training; then I have remarkable counselors who can work with my clients until my return so as to not disrupt their services; should they choose to opt in.

Presently I am learning ASL and hopefully will be able to provide ASL more fluently in 2020. Until then I can slowly help with signing, while also utilizing the dry erase board and prompts, or call for an interpreter. We are growing! We have 4 clinicians in our office and take multiple insurances and do have a sliding scale for our clients. One needs to go to: to view our website and to learn about all of us!