Dr. Shaun Wehle
Dr. Shaun Wehle
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Dr. Shaun Wehle

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About Me

When people ask me why I became a psychologist, I often joke that I'm just a failed telepath. As a child, I would try to move things with my mind or read peoples mind. Concepts like the mind-body connection, emotional intelligence, or data analysis still amaze me. I have always believed in the expansive power of the mind and human potential. It is that same sense of wonder that guides my work. I started my career 15 years ago in addictions and have had a pretty diverse career that includes: personal training, health coaching, seminary education, workplace/IO consulting, and classic clinical psychology. My work in personality assessment and measurement is driving my obsession of using personality based assessments to better match clients with their ideal clinicians. Now more than ever we need to find creative ways to connect and I am also focused on expanding and advancing treatment using technology. Our aim is to create a space to help clients become the best they can be! This means creating a healthy balance in mind-body-soul!

Helping clients experience and become their genuine selves, is a necessary part of therapy. A concept in Rogerian therapy suggests that the aim of therapy is to help clients become there "true self." Unconditional positive regard, a concept in therapy that suggests we withhold judgement to ensure clients feel safe to explore and understand their true self. Beyond that, we also aim to help clients overcome obstacles and gaining insight into long held patterns while being supportive of clients doesn't mean clinicians shouldn't "tell it like it is." On the contrary this compassionate stance and willingness to risk being genuine demands that clinician's genuinely share concerns and insights, mind hacks, or coping tools to help clients improve their life! This may seem soft and cozy, but therapy can be intimidating, uncomfortable and even scary. Skilled therapists understand this and aim to create a space that fosters growth, as this struggle is essential for health and wholeness. That said, it is your journey and we would be foolish to not try to understand your goals and follow your lead. The aim of our group is to be a welcomed companion on your journey.

Psychotherapy or counseling roles are time and space restricted relationships and it can be argued that this is an ideal way to gain perspective and freedom to foster an environment that can help lead clients to their truth in their own journey. Personally, I love taking new cli

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