David Johnson
David Johnson
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David Johnson

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About Me

I have over 30 years experience providing therapy to a wide variety of adults and adolescents including many persons with long standing, complex, and difficult problems that haven't responded well to treatment. I have extensive experience with the broadest cultural and ethnic diversity in treating individuals, groups, couples and families. I specialize in treating grief, complicated grief, depression, anxiety, anger, PTSD, personality disorders, bad habits, relationship difficulties, recovery from child and/or domestic abuse, sexual abuse, crime survivors, combat trauma and other kinds of trauma. I am LGBTQIAPK-affirmative, poly-aware and kink-aware.

I specialize in treating Borderline and other Personality Disorders, teach Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills and provide individual DBT therapy. DBT is effective for long standing treatment resistant depression, anxiety, anger, and relationship difficulties. I also provide anger management and violence prevention using the Duluth Model.

My approach is eclectic, emphasizing Emotion Focused Therapy changing the quality of relationships or attachment. The approach is highly effective with individuals, couples and families.. The primary purpose of communication in intimate relationships is to enhance the relationship to create and maintain a shared feeling of awe.

Full Impact Living℠ is my life philosophy based on psychological concepts, research and my experience in providing treatment. It has evolved over more than 30 years of clinical practice successfully helping people with some of the most difficult to treat mental health disorders:

Treatment Resistant Major Depressive Disorder
Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Bipolar Affective Disorder
Full Impact Living℠ is based on the latest psychological research and cutting edge evidence-based treatment approaches such as:

Dialective Behavior Therapy,
Cognitive Behavior Therapy,
Interpersonal Therapy,
Psychodynamic Therapy
It incorporates the important concepts in self-help psychology such as:


Full Impact Living℠ is based on six key concepts, fundamental principles of personal development. Many of you will recognize these as common sense. But the funny thing about "common sense" is how uncommon is the knowledge of the means to acquire it when you don't have it.

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