Carolyn Glock
Carolyn Glock
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Carolyn Glock

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About Me

As a therapist, Carolyn strives to create a safe, peaceful space for clients to process honestly. In many instances, she knows there are no good explanations or answers for the pains and trials of life, yet in order to live fully, Carolyn helps clients feel, grieve, or create meaning from their past. She believes it’s valuable to be mindful of how life events have left their mark. In her career, Carolyn has counseled in multiple settings, including a college counseling center, a recovery home, community mental health center, and private practice.

Carolyn is passionate about helping people heal from trauma, enrich their relationships, overcome anxious thoughts, and understand who they are and work toward who they’d like to become.

There is always room for growth and change for the better in our lives. Our minds and spirits were designed to adapt and be resilient. For growth to be possible, we must allow ourselves to be open and seen. Healing is possible through self-compassion and kindness. Often times we have little control over our circumstances, but we we can adapt our perspective.

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