Carly Maletich
Carly Maletich
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Carly Maletich

Carly Maletich

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My training and background is in clinical psychology, integrative medicine, mindfulness-based stress reduction, performance enhancement, and trauma-informed body-based therapy. When we sit down and take an honest look at what is difficult in our lives, we are inevitably met with a yearning for “something more” – more joy, more intimacy, more happiness, more time, more space, more confidence, more aliveness, etc. That “something” is unique to each person. Identifying it is usually not the hard part, rather knowing how to get there is the real challenge. This is where my work comes in.

I collaborate with clients in better understanding how their present-moment thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations are shaping their lives. I focus on these areas because it is where we have the greatest ability to make meaningful change. I work from a bottom-up physiological approach, meaning I help individuals become more aware of why they feel what they feel; and from a top-down cognitive approach, highlighting how thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions shape the stories that we tell ourselves. Our brain is an incredibly sophisticated organ that communicates with our nervous system and the entire body. Understanding the physiology of how the mind and body are in communication with each other is often the key that unlocks change.

As a former Division One athlete, I am also keenly aware of the pressures associated with performance. My personal life experiences and clinical experiences equip me with the skills to work with individuals who are feeling “stuck.” Through a body-based approach, I help support athletes, business professionals, and performers of all types move beyond their fears and achieve their full potential.

Additionally, I have a background in research with 7+ years of overseeing mindfulness-based curriculum design and content development for academic and medical institutions including Harvard Medical School, Northwestern University, Michigan State University, The Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, Cook County Hospital and NorthShore University HealthSystem. To learn more about my role in research studies, see Research.

  • License Number: 180011042
  • License Type: LCPC
  • License State: Illinois
  • Experience: 8 years
  • Languages: English