Benjamin Meyer
Benjamin Meyer
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Benjamin Meyer

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About Me

Do you feel overwhelmed and misunderstood due to a learning difference? Do you wish you could find a therapist who understood your pain? Imagine if you could work with a therapist who not only understands the emotional impact of how you learn, but also offered concrete strategies for finding success. Now imagine that they are bilingual (Spanish and English) and will help you to achieve your professional and personal goals by working on understanding and building on your strengths. I look forward to hearing from you as we start on your journey. I offer a 15 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good fit.

Adults with learning differences often need support in finding and developing the practical and emotional strategies to be successful at work and in their social lives through role play, executive functioning training, and deciding if, when, and how to self-disclose. Spanish speaking individuals and couples benefit from a bilingual therapist .

It can be a challenge to find a therapist who understands how learning differences interact with your mental health, and how much of a struggle it can be when employers, colleagues, and friends don't get it. Having struggled with a learning difference myself, I know that there are strategies for finding success.

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