Andrew Amick
Andrew Amick
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Andrew Amick

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About Me

I'm a grounded, compassionate, client-centered, and trauma-conscious therapist working with teens, adults in relationships, millennials, young & new parents, and poly-/non-monogamous adults. I draw from a range of styles, including psycho-dynamic theories, Gestalt, attachment-based, and mindfulness-based techniques to create an organic and collaborative space, in which we can safely see, understand, and untangle the knots in your life that are holding you back.

I'm a LGBT therapist, and I'm also a social justice advocate, harm reduction consultant, and spiritualist. Before becoming a therapist, I earned a BA in Sociology, researching and advocating for public health policy and education reform.

Your goals are my priority. My job is to help you see what barriers are keeping you down, and to then help you develop the insight, wisdom, and confidence so you can reach those goals. Please feel free to visit my website, e-mail, or call and leave a message and we can set up a free 15-minute consult to see if we'd be a fit!

My Location

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