Alexis Silver
Alexis Silver
Alexis Silver

Alexis Silver


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About Me

I work with clients seeking clarity on why they feel the way they do, relief from intrusive and negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, work issues, trauma, crisis, career choices, adoption , caregiving, acculturation and changing patterns of relating in relationships that no longer serve their purpose.

I provide support and encouragement to clients while teaching coping skills to manage difficult emotions, handle stressful situations and increase problem solving skills

As a therapist I am able to provide a new perspective or help identify a different path to achieve the same goal.

Therapy offers individuals many opportunities:
*Gaining a better perspective and understanding of oneself.
*The development of new skills.
*Improvements in personal and professional relationships.
*Improved listening and communication skills.
*Learning new ways to cope with stress and anxiety.
*Increased self esteem and self worth.
*The ability to manage ones anger, grief, anxiety and or depression in more productive and positive ways.

I have knowledge of chronic illness, disease management and palliative care/hospice. I have been fortunate to work with many caregivers and understand the intricacies and stress which comes with caring for a loved one.

I am an adopted person and understand the complexities of adoption and the myriad of issues adopted persons can face throughout the lifespan. I have worked with adoptees over the years and am well versed in adoption related issues and understand search and reunion.

I have a love of people, from all walks of life. My practice provides a safe place where clients can sit with me and allow themselves to be vulnerable, be seen, validated and supported while we work together.

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