Suzanna Chen

Specialties: Psychodynamic and CBT Psychotherapy.
Credentials: Other MD
Languages: English, Ukrainian
Experience: 4 years
Telephone: 212-365-8738
Address: 515 Madison Ave, 21st floor, New York, NY

Congratulations on taking a step in your wellness journey. Do you seem put together on the outside but you don’t feel that way inside? You deserve someone who listens, who looks to increase wellness and not just diagnose and reduce sickness, who doesn’t push you to take medications if they aren’t medically necessary, who recognizes when just therapy by itself is appropriate over medications. I work with perfectionistic, motivated, ambitious people on a journey of discovery and self improvement.

I have a special interest in building confidence, improving work-life balance, working through the emotional demands of higher education, maneuvering relationships (including interracial and intercultural relationships), and navigating culture and identity. I take a warm and collaborative approach to help you live a happier and more fulfilling life.