Stephanie Bloodworth

Specialties: Trauma, Anxiety, OCD, Depression
Credentials: MA, LMFTA
Languages: English
Experience: 6 years
Telephone: 832-422-8005
Address: Houston, Texas

Hello! I’m Stephanie. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate and a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology. Most importantly, I’m a therapist who loves supporting you in being your own best self-expert. People get stuck in their heads, get burned out in life, accomplish so much and come so far… just to look at what feels like a mess and realize they don’t want to tackle this alone. You shouldn’t have to! Nobody should have to!

Let’s take some time, 50 minutes at a time, to sit together and focus on what you need. Maybe you need to sort through what you’ve been through and how it connects to now. Maybe you need to figure out how to build the next steps towards a life you life. I’m really good at understanding complicated situations and helping others understand them too. I’m also constantly learning new things, so when I learn something that might help you, I’ll share it. And hey, maybe you just need a space to vent about your week and have someone say “yeah, that makes sense,” and help you get ready for the next week.

That’s me. I’m here. Let’s connect and figure out what truly living looks like for you.