John Thorington

Specialties: Couples, Addiction, Mood Disorders, Spiritual Issues, Porn/Sexual Addiction
Credentials: LPC
Languages: English
Experience: 20 years
Telephone: 719-644-5557
Address: 7660 Goddard Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado

I am a Sexual Recovery Therapist (SRT) with specialization in sexual addictions and couples/marriages. I also work extensively with teens struggling with sexual compulsivity issues. My clients learn to replace destructive behaviors and avoidance of intimacies through healthy and meaningful interactions. As a pastor for three decades, I also have a passionate desire to assist pastors and their spouses. Pastors face some unique challenges in maintaining sexual purity and having healthy marriages. I offer them a safe, confidential, and proven place to find solutions.
Sexual Addiction Intensives are offered for teens, adults, and their spouses. The 3-Day Intensive helps: 1. Discover the origination of your sexual addiction, 2. Address core issues of sexual addiction/intimacy anorexia, 3. Outline a plan for your recovery, and 4. Create long term strategies for your successful addiction and marital recovery.
Are you having marital problems but don’t have sexual addiction issues? We can help. Come to Restoring Hearts Counseling in Colorado Springs for 3 days of intense counseling where your counselor can help define the issues, help provide solutions and offer long term strategies. Please call 719-644-5557.