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mental health isolation
Shirley Amy
WHO: Lockdown Mental Health Warning

“Online consultations, especially via video chat, can provide a feasible alternative to deliver psychological care & therapy during the pandemic” The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning about

eating disorder
Shirley Amy
Unlocking the Secrets of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are the most under-researched set of psychiatric disorders: The most extensive ever study into the causes of eating disorders, is due to be carried out by researchers at

eat fat
Shirley Amy
Can Eating Well Boost Your Memory?

Memory loss is one of the main early symptoms for people with dementia. Promising news just in: health researchers at UTS Australia, have discovered: “strong links between diet, memory loss

child girl sleeping
Shirley Amy
Children’s Mental Health Affected By Their Sleep

News just in: researchers at the University of Warwick have reported: “a link between children’s sleep duration and depression, anxiety, impulsive behavior, and poor cognitive performance,” in the medical journal