no sex

Sex and Marriage: What to Do When There Isn’t Any

Love can be many things, but most people’s favorite parts of falling in love involve the butterflies in their stomach, the giddiness they feel when they are around the one they love, and the intense, passionate attraction they experience with one another. We’ve all seen the couples who cannot keep their hands off each other […]

fear intimacy

Why Do People Fear Intimacy and What Can Be Done to Help

Intimacy is one of those things that can be equally coveted and feared at the same time.  As human beings, we intensely desire true love and connection while simultaneously fearing emotional vulnerability.  Intimacy is a special type of closeness and familiarity that an individual has with another person.  Intimacy can pertain to various types of […]


If there’s No Sex, is it Cheating?

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to matters of the heart. One of the most common questions that I have heard is whether it’s cheating if the relationship is not sexual. If you are reading this article, you may be questioning your own behavior. If you “feel” like you are doing something […]

dealing with infidelity

Dealing with Infidelity: Healing after the Dirty Deed

When you are in a committed relationship, it is expected that your partner is faithful. As we all know, it happens far too often that a partner strays. It’s easy to say what we’d do in a situation when we’re on the outside looking in. Whether you ultimately decide to stay in the relationship, you […]

Introvert and intimacy

Intimacy Issues for People who don’t Readily Express their Feelings

Intimacy isn’t just about sex. It’s a level of confidence and confidentiality, mutual vulnerability, and affection. It includes the sharing of life’s ups and downs as well as its eventual rewards. Intimate partners share their hopes, dreams, fears, hang-ups and an enduring sense of trust. They also share a sense of limitations: Intimates don’t share […]


Five Hidden Romantic Tips to Make Her Fall in Love with You Again

Bookshelves and websites about how to make someone lust for you are plentiful. They’re also undermining true love. Love is about the unique value that each partner brings to the other, and about accepting each other warts and all. Lust is about getting what you want, and paying little to no attention to the other […]

Intimacy Therapy

An Overview of Intimacy Therapy

Intimacy is the sharing of one’s soul with another person’s, depth of trust, and profound insights into each other. That level of emotional interaction bespeaks a decency of character, focus and integrity. But entertainment outlets and social media have degraded the concept of that nobility into sexy soundbytes, ratings-driven mind games and a manipulative “What’s […]

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Solvable Versus Perpetual Problems in Intimate Relationships

Being in an intimate relationship for the long haul is a challenging and expanding experience. As you and your spouse encounter new experiences and grow through the process of life, the challenge of maintaining an intimate and rewarding relationship becomes very real. It’s so easy to get lost in the pressures and challenges of day […]

Couples Therapy over the Internet

Couples & Internet Therapy: Changing the Face of Relationship Help

Telehealth services range from pain management to medical and mental health diagnoses, speech therapy plus mental health services. Relationship help options are available, too. Even TV’s Dr Phil is on it. Though it might be difficult for today’s generation to understand what in-office therapy feels like as compared to online counseling, it is important to […]