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You're here because you're ready and you want to make the right decision. You’re already taking the courageous step and doing the work to find the right therapist. My name is Samantha and my entire goal is to help you gain clarity, create calm,...
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I work with individuals and couples 18 years and older experiencing challenges around sexuality, gender identity or gender roles, and within their relationships. I counsel from a framework of anti-oppression and intersectional feminism and I support...

Finding Mental Health Professionals in Anchorage, Alaska

Although it is a private enclave from the rest of the country, Anchorage, Alaska is actually a highly populated metropolitan area that seamlessly blends modern conveniences with the beautiful natural surroundings this area of the country is known for. Anchorage is not only the biggest city in all of Alaska, but it actually holds approximately 40% of the state’s total population. However, one of the most interesting things about Anchorage, is that it is actually 1,706 square miles in total—making it larger than the state of Rhode Island.

There is no denying that the city of Anchorage is one of the most unique cities in the United States, but the low population in the surrounding state and the low population density for the city actually bring up a few potential issues for those who choose to call Anchorage home. There is only one psychiatric hospital in the state of Alaska, making mental health care for those in this area more difficult to come by.

Unfortunately, despite the low accessibility of psychiatric hospitals in Alaska, this state, particularly Anchorage is prone to issues with mental illness. It is a problem that is not only prevalent in adults, particularly in the state’s justice system, but one that is increasingly common in high schools. According to the U.S. Department of Health Services, a larger percentage of high school students in Alaska are dealing with mental health issues, particularly when compared to the rest of the country. While 30% of high school students nation wide report symptoms of depression, 34% of Alaska high school students report feeling this way.

Alaska also has a higher suicide rate than the rest of the country. The bottom line is, there is a growing need for professional mental health counseling for people living in Anchorage. However, with so few public resources in Anchorage, and – of Americans already not getting treatment for their mental health issues, it can seem difficult for those in need to get the help they deserve. This is why we have created a comprehensive directory of available therapists and mental health counselors that can help—even in less densely populated areas such as Anchorage.

No matter where you live, you deserve to find an area professional that can help, and you should always take your time to really select a therapist you believe that will work for you. Every person is different and every person is going to benefit from a different type of therapist. By using our directory, you can actually search for therapists that meet your needs based on the factors that matter to you most. For the average individual, this includes the following:

  • The location of the therapist and their proximity to you.
  • Working with either a male or female therapist.
  • Engaging in long-term therapy as general “maintenance” or seeing someone on a shorter-term schedule to resolve a potential issue.
  • Seeing a therapist that can prescribe medication, not.
  • Finding a therapist that is also a specialist in a specific area.

You should also take this time to think about your goals with your therapy. Do you have a diagnosis? Are you looking for a diagnosis? You need to think about what you are seeking help for and what you would like the outcome to be. You may even want to write it down. The more clear and focused you are with this, the better your results will be and the easier it will be to find a therapist that meets your needs.

Once you have used our directory to find someone in Anchorage you like, make sure to check with your insurance company to make sure their services will be covered, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

It can be difficult to take that first step and admit that you need help as you start to find a therapist. While it can be hard, it is an important step as working with a professional can help you find some resolve with your mental health concerns.

The right therapist can help you with your mental health concerns whether you are dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts or if you are struggling with a condition such as addiction. No matter what you need help with, or what type of therapist you are looking for, this directory can help. Take the time to browse through our listing of different Anchorage area therapists, until you find a provider that works for you and fits your needs. Therapy can change your life for the better and we can help you get started.