depresssed work
Is My Job Making Me Depressed?

Depression is characterized as a mental health disorder marked by loss of interest in activities, or a persistently depressed mood, which causes significant impairment in one’s daily life.  Work-related issues

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What Exactly is Depression?

Depression is a word that gets tossed about with regularity but is often misunderstood. Almost 17 percent of people will experience clinical depression in their lifetime. It is a disruptive

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depressed teen
Depression in Transgender Teens

While feelings of sadness, worthlessness, and feeling left out of social situations are common experiences for most teens, teenagers who identify as transgender are at a higher risk of experiencing

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atypicsl depression
What is Atypical Depression

When people hear the word “depression”, they usually assume that a person is sad all of the time, crying excessively, sleeping too much, or eating too little.  They presume that

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alpha waves
Can Alpha Waves Reduce Depression?

Neurons are brain cells that communicate with each other through electrical signals and are what prompts a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.  The electrical signals from the neurons produce various

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Social Isolation and Seeking Help

Human beings have an innate need to connect with others.  Psychological research has consistently demonstrated that there is a significant linkage between a person’s connection to others and to physical,

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