Can Sexual Frustration Lead to Depression?

sexual frustration depression

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, divorced, or widowed, sex is a vital aspect of life. Any dysfunction that occurs in this area is bound to cause disappointment and frustration. Although the frustration that results from a lack of sexual activity can lead to depression-like symptoms, the link between sexual frustration and depression is a…

Depression and Anxiety Chat Rooms 101

Depression and Anxiety Chat Rooms

If you have experienced depression or anxiety at any time during your life, you know that it can be hard to manage alone. The symptoms can make it hard to function in your everyday life to such a degree that even getting out of bed can prove to be a difficult task, much less go…

Train your Brain: Neuroscience and Depression

lady with feather pen

Imagine if you could have control over the workings of your mind. Innovative findings in neuroscience tell us that we can actually train our brains in ways that will have a positive impact more than we think. Neuroscience provides evidence that our brains continue to develop and change throughout our lives. The concept of neuroplasticity suggests…

What Is Atypical Depression?

Atypical Depression

Depression can vary significantly from person to person. There are several different types of depression, one of the most common forms being atypical depression, known clinically as major depressive disorder (MDD) with atypical features. Atypical depression is a type of depression where people experience a reprieve from depressive symptoms when encountering a pleasurable moment. MDD,…

44 Positive Affirmations for Depression to Inspire Change

Reciting positive affirmations for depression

Have you ever given yourself a pep talk? You may not have realized it, but you were practicing a form of positive affirmation. Coping with depression can be discouraging and debilitating. Vocalizing certain phrases about yourself can provide a much-needed lift and motivate you toward positive change. Affirmations are a simple and useful tool that…

Birthday Depression: Why You Don’t Have to Feel Ashamed

birthday cake

It’s your birthday and instead of feeling happy, you feel sad. Depressed, even. It’s normal to experience feelings of sadness and unhappiness at times – even on your birthday – but depression is a serious disorder. Let’s discuss how to distinguish between natural feelings of sadness or what’s known in mental health circles as Birthday…

Coping with Depression at Work

work at desk

Depression impacts nearly all aspects of a person’s life – from personal relationships to completing daily tasks. It is no surprise, therefore, that it can impact work performance too. Living with depression and trying to maintain your career can be challenging. You can keep your career goals on track, though, by identifying the signs of…

Understanding and Treating Stay at Home Mom Depression

mom holding baby

For many moms, the ability to stay at home with their children is a wonderful thing. Being able to witness milestones firsthand, enjoy quality time, and save on childcare costs is amazing, right? Well, the short answer is: sometimes. The long answer, is that stay-at-home parenting isn’t always all that it’s cracked up to be….

How to Survive Each Day When You Have Crippling Depression

Crippling Depression

Crippling depression is often compared to treading water in a storm in the middle of the ocean. Both situations feel hopeless, and both are a fight for one’s life. Several mechanisms for coping exist for individuals suffering from daily, chronic depression. These strategies target symptoms, such as isolation, impaired eating and sleeping habits, lack of…

Are Millennials the Most Depressed Generation?


It’s hard to think that adults born between 1981-1996 could be a generation more depressed than others. With fast growing technologies, lifestyle, the use of social media, and a new “hot” topic developing every minute, they’re probably too busy to be depressed, right? Wrong! Although there are a lot of common negative stereotypes attached to…

What Are the Monday Blues?

The Monday Blues

The sad feeling you experience as the weekend comes to a close is related to the feeling of dread you get on Sunday evenings when you set your alarm to get up early for another full work week. Everyone has likely experienced that feeling at some point. Even those that enjoy their jobs sometimes find…

What Can You Do About Nighttime Depression?

nighttime depression

Depression can sneak up on us and attack when we least expect it. Sometimes life events are the root cause but sometimes there is no clear reason. Common symptoms of major depression disorder (MDD) include feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in usual activities. Many who suffer from MDD are able to function…

How Can I Find an Affordable Therapist

lady with hand out on ladder

When you are already struggling with a mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression, trying to find an affordable therapist can send you deeper into the depths of panic and despair. As if deciding to go to therapy isn’t hard enough, you also have to worry about how you are going to afford it….

What Depression Feels Like to a Sufferer

Depression Sufferer

Depression is a serious condition that may impact nearly every aspect of the day-to-day life of a sufferer. It can cause the individual to experience long-lasting and life changing feelings of severe hopelessness and sadness. Contrary to popular belief, depression is not simply the common feelings of unhappiness and misery, it is often more complicated…

Teen Depression: Why It’s Increasing and What Parents Need to Know

teen depression

If one were to ask parents the most challenging part of raising kids; they’d probably say: the teen years. The “terrible teens” are more than just a cliché. Teen angst is a well-known part of adolescence. It’s a tumultuous developmental period when teens are making that big push for independence. Hormones are raging and they’re…

Understanding the Genetics of Mental Illness


Nearly one in five American adults experience, or will experience, some kind of mental health disorder during their lifetime. With half of all cases beginning by the age of 14, up to 75% of mental illness cases will be fully developed by the age of 24. In 2017, about 46 million Americans were reported to…

9 Celebrities Who Have Struggled With Depression


Designer clothes, luxury cars, and million dollar homes can give off the impression that celebrities have it all. But for many famous people with depression, fame and wealth are no protection against mental illness. The smiles on the red carpet and charismatic interviews with the press often hide the fact that these A-Listers struggle every…

What is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy?


Most people have experience a certain behavior or feeling or combination of both they desire to eliminate or change. There are many theories within psychotherapy that would focus on the behavior or the feeling specifically. While those theories are important and helpful, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) has a little different approach. It follows the…

Are You Faking Happiness?

faking happiness

In a world where we are so interconnected by the internet and social media, the way we interpret our own self-worth can be heavily influenced by what we see from those we scroll past on our newsfeeds. It is hard to separate the seemingly perfect lives we see on our phone screens from the reality…

Essential Ingredients for Living With Mental Illness

Living with Mental Illness

One in five adult Americans will experience mental illness within any given year and 1 in 20 adults are living with a serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or clinical depression. Millions of people and their families feel the direct impact of living with a serious mental health problem. So how does one…