self harm

What is Self-Harm Behavior and How is it Treated?

Approximately 322 million people worldwide experience depressive symptoms every day. While depression can look different from person to person, those who experience symptoms identify with at least some of the following general list of symptoms that impact their ability to function in the world: sadness, irritability, hopelessness, decreased interest in previously pleasurable activities, difficulty sleeping […]


Seasonal Affective Disorder is a Real Thing

Arguably, one of the greatest sensations in the world is feeling the rays of the sun dance upon your skin.  The exquisite combination of heat and light simultaneously warming your skin is like no other feeling.  Whether you are soaking up the sun while lying on the beach, sunbathing on a lounge chair poolside, or […]


What is Cyclothymia?

Cyclothymia, also known as Cyclothymic disorder is characterized as a less severe, more chronic type of biopolar disorder.  It involves episodes of hypomanic symptoms (euphoria and elevated mood) as well as depressive symptoms. These fluctuations in mood do not meet the full criteria for a hypomanic or depressive episode, yet they are experienced in more […]

faking happiness

Are You Faking Happiness?

In a world where we are so interconnected by the internet and social media, the way we interpret our own self-worth can be heavily influenced by what we see from those we scroll past on our newsfeeds. It is hard to separate the seemingly perfect lives we see on our phone screens from the reality […]

monday blues

What Are the Monday Blues?

You know that sad feeling as the weekend comes to a close, right? It is the feeling of dread you get on Sunday evenings when you set your alarm to get up early for another full work week. Everyone has likely experienced that feeling a time or two. Even if you enjoy your job, sometimes […]

sexual frustration depression

Can Sexual Frustration Lead to Depression?

A common metaphor used in psychology is the iceberg metaphor. The majority of an iceberg’s mass lies below the surface where people cannot see it. When applying it to emotions, it can shed light on the way people think and feel. A person’s secondary emotions like anger or indifference is what most people see. However, […]

depression chat room

Can Online Depression Chat Rooms Become Harmful?

With most things in life, there are pros and cons. Oftentimes, people are left weighing between the benefits and the costs. For most, if the benefits outweigh the costs, then they move towards that particular decision. Online chatrooms are no different than most other situations. There can be definite benefits for engaging in online chatrooms […]

essential oils

Essential Oils For Depression, Does It Work?

Essential oils are extracted from plants and have become increasingly popular in our culture.  Individuals interested in holistic and alternative medicines have exuberantly propelled themselves onto the essential oil bandwagon.  Names that were only found on spice racks and tea bags in the past are now profiled in comprehensive essential oil directories.  Nutmeg and cinnamon […]

climate change depression

How to Prevent Depression about Climate Change

Rush Limbaugh says one thing about climate change and you might say another, but the important thing is this: You need to calm down before you and any of your Save the Planet efforts become ineffective. Neighbors, radio hosts, politicians, and anybody you want to persuade about the problem won’t be convinced of much if […]

depression brain

Stimulation to Ease Depression

Depression is everything that the word implies: a long-lasting sense of unhappiness and hopelessness. Descriptive terms for the problem include despair, despondency, and sadness. Anger and a sense of loss might be involved, too. The overall miserable mindset is not a matter of willpower. Telling someone to “Snap out of it,” or to “Get over […]