Depression Quiz

We can go on and on about the symptoms of depression, the causes and treatments, etc. But, most people just want to know: am I depressed? So, we decided to create a depression quiz to see if you are depressed and, if so, what level of depression you are feeling.*

Take our quiz to find out.

Depressed Woman

*Disclaimer: This depression quiz is not a certified diagnosis from mental health professionals. Regardless of the outcome of this quiz, if you in any way feel concerned for yourself and well-being, you should speak to a certified therapist right away.

Mood SwingsHow often do you feel interest or pleasure in doing things in your day to day life?
feeling downHow often do you feel down or hopeless?
DeathHow often do you think about hurting yourself?
Interfering SymptomsHow often do you have trouble concentrating on things?
WorthlessHow often do you feel like a failure to you or your family, or a sense of worthlessness?
Reduced appetiteHow often do you experience a lack of appetite or notice fluctuations in your eating patterns?
No EnergyHow often do you feel tired or lacking energy?
Can't sleepHow often do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or sleeping too much?
SlowHow often do you notice a change in your regular communication skills (i.e. how often do you find yourself speaking slowly or, on the opposite end, constantly fidgeting, speaking too quickly or feeling agitated)?

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