What is Chronophobia?

hourglass showing passing of time

For some people, the thought that time is passing can be overwhelming and can lead them to feel anxious and fearful. Chronophobia is a type of anxiety disorder where a person fears time. It is characterized by an irrational and unrelenting fear of the passage of time, having limited time, or having limited means to monitor it….

Scared of a Clear Night? Maybe You Have Astrophobia

what is astrophobia

For many people, gazing up into the stars is a calming and relaxing past time. It may help them to relax or feel a sense of calm. However, not everyone feels calm and serene when looking up into the night sky. For some people, the night sky can cause feelings of panic, racing heart, dizziness,…

Daith Piercing for Anxiety: Does it Really Work?

Daith Piercing

Piercings are incredibly popular and prevalent in today’s culture. People engage in piercing for various reasons, such as self-expression, artistic appearance, or for religious and cultural purposes. One piercing trend that seems to continuously grow in popularity is daith piercing, which is believed by some to alleviate anxiety and migraines. The daith is a tiny piece of…

10 Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist


What is the difference between being a high achiever and a perfectionist? A high achiever feels energized and motivated by working toward their goals. In contrast, a perfectionist sets unreasonable or unattainable goals, constantly feeling they are “never enough.” The goal posts are constantly changing. This inner turmoil interferes with a person’s well-being, causing acute…

How Can We Help With Back-to-School Anxiety?

back to school anxiety

This year’s return to school will undoubtedly be like no other. Early fall is always filled with a combination of excitement and trepidation as children begin a new year. For some children who struggle with academics or social situations, it may be the time of year they dread most. This year in particular is complicated…

Loving Your Partner With Anxiety: Practical Tips and Advice

partner with anxiety

Dealing with your own anxiety can be difficult, but it can be just as hard to watch anxiety affect someone you love. Anxiety is different for every person and managing it is not “one size fits all.” The first thing to do when you love someone with anxiety is to do your best to understand…

Do You Have Submechanophobia?

objects submerged under water

The world is filled with weird and scary things that can cause a person to feel nervous and frightened. While some things that scare people make sense due to the reasonable threat they cause, other things people fear can seem to come from an unreasonable place of fear due to the lack of threat that…

How Can I Find an Affordable Therapist

lady with hand out on ladder

When you are already struggling with a mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression, trying to find an affordable therapist can send you deeper into the depths of panic and despair. As if deciding to go to therapy isn’t hard enough, you also have to worry about how you are going to afford it….

Can Music Help Anxiety?

music anxiety for anxiety

Music shows great versatility and can be a powerful outlet for many people. Some individuals have difficulty verbalizing their thoughts and feelings and use music as a means of self-expression. Eric Clapton penned and sang Tears in Heaven, a heartfelt expression of grief after the death of his son. Some people feel that the lyrics and instrumentals of…

Success Anxiety is Real

success anxiety

The word “success” is most commonly linked to positive feelings and motivation. Most people strive for success in various aspects of their lives, including academic success, occupational success, social success, relationship success, and parenting success.  The list of potential areas for success can go on and on, but the take home message is that individuals…

Understanding the Genetics of Mental Illness


Nearly one in five American adults experience, or will experience, some kind of mental health disorder during their lifetime. With half of all cases beginning by the age of 14, up to 75% of mental illness cases will be fully developed by the age of 24. In 2017, about 46 million Americans were reported to…

Scared of Being Trapped? You Have Cleithrophobia


Cleithrophobia is the fear of being trapped, locked in, or unable to leave. It seems similar to claustrophobia, but there are some distinctions. Claustrophobia is the fear of being in a small space where the space itself triggers a reaction. Cleithrophobia is the fear of being confined in a space in which you feel trapped….

Is Fear of Vomiting, Emetophobia, a Thing?


Vomiting is by no means a pleasant experience.  However, it is a normal and natural bodily function that enables the body to get rid of something hazardous.  Emetophobia is a type of phobia pertaining to vomiting.  Emetophobia can be characterized by several fears related to vomiting, such as being afraid of throwing up in public,…

Can You Cure Aerophobia, the Fear of Flying?


Airports are places of organized chaos and a fantastic location to do some serious people watching.  At any point throughout the day, you will notice businessmen and women moving hurriedly throughout the airport, briefcases in hand.  You will see family members arriving and embracing loved ones that they have not seen in months.  You will…

Being Alone and Autophobia

coping with anxiety

Most people desire to be around others. Even the shyest and most introverted people have moments where they want and need to be around people. That desire is a normal part of being human because human beings are wired to connect with others. This makes the thought of being alone a real fear for many….

What is Agorophobia?


When most people hear Paula Deen’s name, they associate her with her cooking show on the Food Network or from her lifestyle magazines.  What most people are unaware of is that Paula Deen’s culinary prowess derived from a very dark and bleak period in her life when she could not leave her house.  After Paula’s…

What is Repression Psychology? 

repression psychology

Often times, whether in television, movies, or real life, you hear tales about individuals experiencing some type of trauma and later, having no memory that it happened.  This often occurs to people who have been abused, neglected, in an accident, or part of another ordeal.  One could have suffered years of abuse or may have…