Online Anxiety Quiz

Do You Have Anxiety? Take Our Online Anxiety Test

By Dr. Stacey Leibowitz-Levy, Certified Psychologist

Mental health is a key part of your overall health. Brief screenings are the quickest way to determine if you should connect with a mental health professional.

This Anxiety Quiz, which is based on the DSM V diagnostic criteria for GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), is completely anonymous and confidential. Immediately following the brief questionnaire you will see your results, recommendations, and key resources.

*Disclaimer: This anxiety quiz was created by Dr. Stacey Lebowitz-Levy, a highly experienced psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in stress and its relation to goals and emotions. The quiz is based on the DSM V diagnostic criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Please remember that these results are not a diagnosis and if you in any way feel concerned for yourself and your well-being, you should speak to a certified therapist right away.

worryI worry about all sorts of things, such as: who’s going to pick up the kids, how I will ever plan an upcoming birthday party, how will I ever get through the day, could my illness actually be cancer, will I ever manage to finish my work?
I spend a lot of my day worrying excessively about things that most other people would not worry about.
I look to other people to reassure me that my worries are not founded in reality.
worryI struggle to control my worries.
woman at beach worriedI worry about all sorts of things.
bitter girl
I feel edgy and restless.
I easily feel very tired and feel like all my energy is sapping out of me.
I find it really hard to concentrate and find my mind going blank.
snappyI feel snappy or irritable.
muscleI feel like my muscles are achy and feel sore in my body.
sleep issues
I struggle with sleep (e.g. I can’t fall asleep, I struggle to stay asleep, I feel restless through the night or I don’t feel rested after sleeping).
sweatyI feel sweaty.
nauseousI feel nauseous or suffer from diarrhea.
The symptoms I experience interfere with my ability to fulfil my daily duties and responsibilities at work, home and/or in my relationships.
Medical Condition
I have a medical condition that could account for these symptoms.
depressionI have another mental health condition, such as depression, that could account for these symptoms.

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