black fridAY
Kristen Frescoe MSc
Fashionista or Addicted shopper?

For many people, in times of stress or melancholy, shopping can take on the role of “retail therapy”. In fact, most of us have had the occasion to indulge in

alcohol relationship
Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
Can Alcohol Effect Your Relationships?

Things taken or experienced in moderation are unlikely to have a significant impact.  Eating ice cream or a favorite desert every once in awhile is not likely to have a

tech addiction
Michelle Overman LMFT
Do You Have a Technology Addiction?

While addiction was a term normally used to describe those with substance abuse, it is now a more inclusive term that focuses on problematic, excessive, and undesirable behaviors. Currently, some

definition of addiction
Yocheved Golani
Accidental Addiction

The 1982 memoir, I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can by Barbara Gordon, was a ground-breaking revelation. The public learned that well-meaning people and their perfectly decent doctors can unintentionally nurture