Top Online Christian Counseling Sites Compared – November 2017

As technology has become an integral part of our lives over the last decade, efforts to combine the highly popular online counseling industry with Christian religious perspectives or approaches, have taken off. For people of faith, meeting with a therapist that does not have a personal understanding of what it means to live a life centered around religious beliefs often results in a disconnect. Fortunately, there are some highly recommended online counseling services that employ hundreds of certified, professional Christian counselors, who use real life psychological tactics through the lens of the Bible. The services listed below differ in their features and offerings, but all of them offer online Christian counseling. Going to therapy is an important decision so make sure you pick the best online Christian counseling website for you.

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Visit BetterHelp

With the recent surge in demand for online Christian counseling, Betterhelp has gone to great lengths to employ as many licensed Christian counselors as possible. With Betterhelp, even in the highly unlikely event that the algorithm doesn’t pair you with a Christian counselor, you can always request a change. With chat-based, phone and video sessions available on an unlimited basis, in addition to a large segment of counselors who take a Christian-based approach to counseling, Betterhelp is the go-to therapy platform for people looking for online Christian counseling.

Plans from $35 per week
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  • 500,000 Users
  • Best In Class Privacy
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Visit Presto Experts

Presto Experts employs well over 1,000 licensed therapists, many of whom are able to provide Christian counseling sessions. Though the price is relatively high (no unlimited therapy for a set price provided), their flexible pricing plan may be a good option for users with unpredictable schedules.

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Visit Breakthrough

The look and feel of the Breakthrough website, in addition to the actual usability of the platform itself, makes Breakthrough a great option for online counseling. Surveys have shown that over 80% of people who have used their service experienced improvement in their lives, a very impressive figure. It also helps that they are the only service that works with most of the major insurance companies. With over 1,000 licensed therapists to choose from, Breakthrough is a tier-one choice.

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Visit TalkSpace

Offering many Christian therapists to choose from, Talkspace boasts specialists in many areas of mental health. Whether you want counseling from a Christian perspective only, or a mix of academic and theological counseling, Talkspace has you covered.

Plans from $32 per week strives to maintain the most up to date and accurate data with regard to the above online therapy services. These reviews have been compiled by our team of experts to assist our visitors in making more informed decisions. Please note that some of the companies listed here pay us referral fees to help offset of the costs of producing the content on this site. Since there are many components to online counseling, we have analyzed each area to help users understand the ins and outs of how the service works. While our reviews take into account several factors about each service, it is important for readers to fact check pricing and other terms prior to signing up.

What is Online Christian Counseling?

As its name suggests, online Christian counseling is “pastoral counseling” that integrates both psychology and Christianity into the therapy session. It’s considered a real-life approach to counseling using the foundation of the Bible as the guiding, dominant force.

Christian counseling is a form of therapy that has been around since the 1960’s, yet it has only seen explosive growth in the past few years. The reason for this is two-fold. One, more people are turning to their Christianity for guidance in their spiritual, mental and emotional state. Two, Christian counseling is now offered online, derived from the standard online therapy, which itself has seen massive growth.

Why Christian Counseling Online?

There are a range of reasons why people are turning to online Christian counseling, none of which are surprising. For starters, religious Christians use their faith in every aspect of their lives. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a personal guide to life and how to conduct themselves, both with regard to their physical and emotional state of being. So, while they value the academic background to therapy, having the theological foundation within counseling is, at the very least, equally as important to them. Secondly, Christians are no different than anyone else. They lead busy lives and experience life much in the same way as others: family issues, traffic, an intense work schedule, appointments, emergencies, etc. Who has time for traditional in-office counseling sessions? This is exactly why millions of people have switched over to online therapy.

The one difference between regular online counseling and Christian counseling online is obviously the religious factor. There are a variety of online therapy websites that employ thousands of psychologists. Naturally, religious Christians were initially reluctant to switch over because many of these psychologists were not certified pastoral therapists, rather academic ones. However, these counseling websites realized the enormous amount of demand for online Christian counseling and thus stated hiring Christian counselors at a rapid pace. Now, companies such as Betterhelp and Talkspace employ hundreds of licensed Christian counselors to choose from.

How Does Christian Counseling Work?

Now that you understand why people are increasingly choosing online Christian counseling, let’s take a look at how exactly it works.

Professionals on Board – it’s important to remember that these counselors aren’t just life coaches or random strangers connecting with you. These are certified mental health professionals, with extensive training in both academic sciences and Biblical doctrine.

A Range of Areas – because these are licensed professionals, each counselor has a specific area they specialize in (e.g. depression, relationships, addictions, stress, intimacy, abuse, trauma, etc.). While Christianity will serve as the foundation to your sessions, you will also receive therapy in the area(s) you require.

Combination of Faith + Values – your Christian counseling psychologist will focus on your faith and values, helping you to use these as a guide to living in the right mental and emotional state of mind.

Uses Compassion and Respect – even if your counselor is not on the same level as you spiritually speaking, he/she will use compassion and respect of your personal religious level. There is no judgment, only support.

Regaining Hope & Purpose – this is actually the goal of online Christian counseling. It’s to help you regain a sense of hope for your life through Christ. In turn, this helps to provide you with a meaning and real sense of purpose in life.

Better Understand Yourself and God – of course the above naturally leads you to a better understanding of yourself and God, which is entrenched in the Holy Spirit’s conviction. This is another primary aim of Christian counseling.

Using an online Christian counseling service is truly the ideal way to seeking out help. With all of the stresses in life, in addition to the efficiency and abundance of Christian counselors offered by these online services, you should explore these options. Not only will you grow mentally stronger, but it will help to solidify your own spiritual beliefs as well.