Are People Living with a Mental Illness More Resilient Than Others?

The saying “if it doesn’t kill you then it makes you stronger” is a nuisance that’s hard to describe in polite company. Most people enduring an upheaval of their emotions are not interested in such philosophizing. Only rare individuals recognize that worthwhile and survivable character-building happens when we actively face painful situations and choices rather […]

Veterans Mental Health

The Unfortunate Current State of Veterans Mental Health Treatment Options

America’s Veteran’s Administration has made numerous headlines over time for failing to serve its clientele. The issue includes the VA’s poor mental health service options to emotionally ill or distraught members of the US military. So many service personnel who’d relied on VA help for improvement with their worsening medical and mental health conditions deteriorated […]

Mental Health

Think You Don’t Know Someone with Mental Illness?

The World Health Organization, based in Geneva, estimates that “Mental disorders affect one in four people worldwide”  though the sufferers don’t necessarily access resources for dealing with their problems. The National Alliance on Mental Illness posits that for the US alone, the number is 1 in 5 adults per year. That figure includes children, the […]

Lousy Mood

Lousy Moods Can be Good for You

Motivational speakers, websites, bookstores and television schedules are filled with programs and possible solutions for the self-doubt and lousy moods plaguing people today. But the problems are one and the same: Part of being normal. Normal people sometimes feel lousy about life, but that’s not necessarily an impediment to happiness. Let’s look at the issues. […]

Mental Health

National Online Mental Health: Progress or Decline?

Online mental health is increasingly forming a part of national mental health initiatives. Within the British government mental health system or the National Health Services (NHS) as it is known, online mental health services now form a significant component of service delivery. Individuals with problems like anxiety and depression are turning more and more toward […]