Mental Health

Think You Don’t Know Someone with Mental Illness?

The World Health Organization, based in Geneva, estimates that “Mental disorders affect one in four people worldwide”  though the sufferers don’t necessarily access resources for dealing with their problems. The National Alliance on Mental Illness posits that for the US alone, the number is 1 in 5 adults per year. That figure includes children, the […]

Lousy Mood

Lousy Moods Can be Good for You

Motivational speakers, websites, bookstores and television schedules are filled with programs and possible solutions for the self-doubt and lousy moods plaguing people today. But the problems are one and the same: Part of being normal. Normal people sometimes feel lousy about life, but that’s not necessarily an impediment to happiness. Let’s look at the issues. […]

Mental Health

National Online Mental Health: Progress or Decline?

Online mental health is increasingly forming a part of national mental health initiatives. Within the British government mental health system or the National Health Services (NHS) as it is known, online mental health services now form a significant component of service delivery. Individuals with problems like anxiety and depression are turning more and more toward […]

University Mental Health

Failing Out: Colleges Lack Sufficient Mental Health Services

All-nighters, cramming five minutes before class, struggling to remember which courses you signed up for (a literal nightmare at semester’s end for many students) and the effort to even remember if you ate breakfast are the usual stressors of college life. So are romantic relationships, suspicious rashes and aches, hiking, biking or running to class, […]

Optimal State of Well Being

Steps That Help in Getting to the Optimal State of Well-Being

Optimal well-being for you is not the same as optimal well-being for someone else. Each person’s genetic, chemical, environmental, cultural and mental realities are different. We need different foods, healthcare, amounts of intentional exercise, and forms of amusement in order to function at our best possible levels. The only thing that remains the same for […]

Top Counseling Universities

Online Counseling for Universities

University students face astonishing amounts of pressure from financial constraints, hormones, relationships with family and friends let alone lovers, plus academic workloads. There’s even a website that lists The Top Mental Health Challenges Facing Students. College campuses worldwide offer on-site and online counseling options to calm down distraught students and to help them to put […]