Overview of CBT

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung opined that “Thinking is difficult; that’s why most people judge [Ed: instead of thinking].” There’s an unspoken corollary to Jung’s statement: the consequences of being judgmental rather pensive. Anyone who opts for being prejudiced one way or another rather than willing to ponder the ramifications of issues and beliefs, is a person […]


Will Google Be Our Mental Health Savior?

Google recently partnered with NAMI: the National Alliance on Mental Illness to create a depression test. NAMI’s chief executive officer Mary Gilbert shared her optimism about the joint venture in a brief statement. Her reference to the PHQ-9 indicates that anyone may respond to a 9-line Patient Health Questionnaire online, thereby indicating the severity of […]

I'm Not Okay

Is There a ‘Right’ Way to Help Someone Dealing with Mental Illness?

To answer the question of this article’s title, “Yes there is a ‘right way to help someone dealing with a mental illness.” There are wrong ways to respond to someone dealing with a mental illness, too. Many of them are preventable. All of them are inappropriate. Let’s start at the beginning, which is usually filled […]


Motivational Routines Make You Work Better

Some people don lucky hats first, others stroke a rabbit’s foot, tidy up their desk, home or office, and still other people follow a different set pattern of behavior before taking on a given task. They do it to charge up their energy, to get their thinking patterns focused on the mission that they want […]


Double Take: Looking at the Social Justice Warrior Phenom

The term “Snowflakes” can be considered a pun, so to speak, but some Americans have been slow to catch on to it. “Snowflake” is the nickname coined by social justice advocates who explain that each person is as unique as a snowflake. That line of thought seems lofty at first blush. However, it is hardly […]


Are People Living with a Mental Illness More Resilient Than Others?

The saying “if it doesn’t kill you then it makes you stronger” is a nuisance that’s hard to describe in polite company. Most people enduring an upheaval of their emotions are not interested in such philosophizing. Only rare individuals recognize that worthwhile and survivable character-building happens when we actively face painful situations and choices rather […]

Letter to Myself

A Letter to My Teenage Self: Don’t Give Up

Remember being a teen and reading all those warnings about pimple-popping, questions about your millionth mood of the day or month, your horoscope sign, and explorations into your sexuality? NOTHING mattered unless you had the right clothes, cosmetics and gear advertised in the publications. It was enough to make a kid feel self-conscious, and that’s […]


Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Do you find yourself constantly checking things over and over again? Do you have thoughts that repeatedly intrude into your life? Do you feel compelled to repeat certain rituals and behaviors? If you answered yes to any of these questions and notice that these thoughts or behaviors are taking up a lot of your time […]

Veterans Mental Health

The Unfortunate Current State of Veterans Mental Health Treatment Options

America’s Veteran’s Administration has made numerous headlines over time for failing to serve its clientele. The issue includes the VA’s poor mental health service options to emotionally ill or distraught members of the US military. So many service personnel who’d relied on VA help for improvement with their worsening medical and mental health conditions deteriorated […]