An Overview of Therapeutic Possibilities: Talk Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Mind-boggling emotions and mental states are daunting on their own, but wondering which form of mental health therapy can help you is a stress inducer, too. Let’s look at some time-honored methods of calming down, reflecting on your life and doing some introspection. They and a competent therapist can help you to change the way […]

The Misunderstandings of Couples Therapy

You’re wondering if it would be a jailable crime, or maybe you’re hoping that it’s even possible, to kill your spouse with some huge verbal insult. Revenge might seem appealing. You do not want to continue living with the person. There is just no way that you’re willing to sit in a marriage counselor’s office […]

Healthy, Healing Laughter

Why does laughter have an enduring reputation as a healer? Does it lead to a chemical reaction that’s good for us? Is it a psychological tool? Is something else going on? Let’s look at the evidence to understand the result of, and purpose for, laughter. When a person allows themselves to laugh at their own […]

Panicking About Your Panic Attacks: 3 Tips for Relieving Your Anxiety

Don’t crack your gum because the sound annoys everyone around you. But some mental health professionals recommend chewing it to lower your sense of distress. The chewing action releases some stress, the rhythm is calming, and the flavor might soothe you, too. Keep chewing quietly as your read how The Anxiety and Depression Association of […]

Anxiety & Panic Attacks: Just Keep Breathing

  Mental health professionals, including those who subscribe to alternative healing methods agree: Focused breathing is a calming act. It can help you to end anxiety or panic attacks or prevent them altogether. There are several ways to breathe yourself calm. Some techniques are featured at Stress Management: Breathing Exercises for Relaxation – WebMD. You […]

Identifying High Functioning Depression: Know the Signs

One glance at the front page of Washington Post’s October 26, 2017 edition was enough to cause stomach aches, high blood pressure, and panic, if not reinforcement for existing depression. Headlines addressed How to Adult: Shopping for Groceries, the Democratic National Committee’s frame-up of President Trump in the Russian Dossier created, used and abused by […]

Proven Strategies for Controlling Anger

Happy people don’t dwell on anger, and that’s the main issue when it comes to strategies for controlling anger. But some people are born with a tendency to be angry, other people develop a persistent anger. Anger, and dwelling on it, seems so normal justified in specific situations to such people. It’s a mystery to […]

The Downside of Free Online Counseling Chat Services

Figuring out when to use free online counseling chat and when not to, is a simple task. It might not be pleasant, but it is simple. Figure out what you want to gain from the free online counseling chat service Research the free online counseling chat services and compare them for features that do or […]

Overview of CBT

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung opined that “Thinking is difficult; that’s why most people judge [Ed: instead of thinking].” There’s an unspoken corollary to Jung’s statement: the consequences of being judgmental rather pensive. Anyone who opts for being prejudiced one way or another rather than willing to ponder the ramifications of issues and beliefs, is a person […]


Will Google Be Our Mental Health Savior?

Google recently partnered with NAMI: the National Alliance on Mental Illness to create a depression test. NAMI’s chief executive officer Mary Gilbert shared her optimism about the joint venture in a brief statement. Her reference to the PHQ-9 indicates that anyone may respond to a 9-line Patient Health Questionnaire online, thereby indicating the severity of […]