5 Natural Remedies That Can Help to Alleviate Stress

Exercise, sunshine, strong happy hugs and sound nutrition can improve your mood by promoting balanced hormone levels. They promote the creation of happiness-promoting chemicals called endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. They are natural anti-depressants, lowering your level of unhappiness while raising your smile. So does having a pet whose company you enjoy. Get walking with […]

Manage Stress

The Most Important Techniques for Correctly Managing Your Stress

The most important techniques for managing your stress are multifaceted: 1) Keeping things in perspective, 2) Re-thinking your pose, breathing and body language, including your facial expressions, and 3) Nurturing yourself. Keeping things in perspective means that you consider troubling situations from many perspectives: Yours, that of the people involved with the situation at hand, […]