How to Spot Signs of Lying

There are many cartoons filled with dark humor about the guy who’s “gonna call” the woman he just met, to ask her for a date. They often show a dust-covered skeleton covered in cobwebs and holding a phone. Similar fare makes fun of business people waiting for promised calls. Job applicants know the feeling well. […]

Married Online Counseling

Married With Children & Experiencing Problems? Online Relationship Counseling Can Help

Blended families are one thing. The “Yours, mine and ours” reality can bring on confusing priorities and parenting roles. The genetic simplicity of the “Only ours” situation isn’t necessarily easier, though. Kids are tough on first, and all the other numbers of marriages. The tension, the divided loyalties, even the question “Who do I support, […]

Couples Therapy over the Internet

Couples and Internet Therapy: Changing the Face of Relationship Help

Telehealth services range from pain management to medical and mental health diagnoses, speech therapy plus mental health services. Relationship help options are available, too. Even TV’s Dr Phil is on it. Though it might be difficult for today’s generation to understand what in-office therapy feels like as compared to online counseling, it is important to […]