Anxiety help apps

Anxiety Help Apps: Gaining Popularity & Helping Thousands?

Losing sleep? Losing weight? Losing patience? Jobs? Relationships or the control of your temper? Calm down. There’s an app for that! There’s even a Calm site. It offers 30-minute sessions to help you to meditate, to focus, and to sleep. Android iPhone users can access the 2016 winners of “Best Anxiety Apps” at Healthline’s site. […]

Is Anxiety Contagious

Is Anxiety Contagious?

Two issues need to be clarified before we can answer the question “Is Anxiety Contagious?” 1. It is important to understand panic attacks, anxiety, depression and other mental health terminology correctly, not to rely on rumors, misconceptions or misinterpretations about those psychological terms. They signify very different problems with very different causes and results. 2. […]

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Overcoming Social Anxiety: Face Your fears!

While social connection and engagement are generally viewed as something enhancing and enriching, associated with positive emotions, for many of us the experience of social situations is a profoundly anxiety provoking experience. For people who suffer from social anxiety entering into social situations generates feelings of apprehension and doubt as well as intensely unpleasant bodily […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: The Therapy of Choice for Anxiety

What do mental health professionals and studies suggest as the first line of approach for managing anxiety? This article will explore best practice for therapy with anxiety. Anxiety can be understood as an emotionally based experience of discomfort, unease and distress associated with specific bodily and behavioral responses. A state of anxiety is associated with […]

managing stress

Dealing With Stress and Anxiety: An Exercise in Thought Control

This article explores an understanding of dealing with stress and anxiety informed by concepts from cognitive psychology, specifically the seminal theory of stress of Lazarus and Folkman (1984). From this perspective stress is simply understood as our cognitive, emotional and behavioral response to events we perceive as threatening to our well-being. Similarly anxiety is a […]

anxiety in children

Are Children More Likely to Experience Anxiety Disorders Than Others?

Anxiety Disorders can interfere with a person’s everyday life to a point where they can not function normally. What happens when your child begins to experience anxiety and does not know how to communicate this to you as a parent? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect one in eight […]