General and Social Anxiety

Understanding the Differences Between General and Social Anxiety

Let’s define some vocabulary before reaching any conclusions about the issues posed in the title to this article. Anxiety is the normal person’s temporary response to issues of concern. Wondering “Did I sign up for the right college class?” or “Did I turn off the oven/iron/air conditioner?” even “Did I pay that bill or not?” […]

Can Anxiety be Cured?

Can Anxiety be Cured?

Anxiety is an integral part of many peoples life experience. But does it have to be a permanent part? Can anxiety be cured? Can a person struggling with intense experiences of anxiety – a debilitating, undefined, persistent and overwhelming sense of worry or dread that manifests with both physical and psychological symptoms – find lasting […]


Is Relapse a Cause for Concern Among Kids with Anxiety?

According to an April 18, 2017 update from MedPage Today, most children with anxiety relapse, regardless of treatment. From the opening lines “Children treated for anxiety disorders with psychotherapy, antidepressants, or a combination of the two show no significant differences in outcomes or remission at 5-year follow-up. Furthermore, a majority of children experience relapse and […]

Is Anxiety Contageous

Is Anxiety Contagious?

Two issues need to be clarified before we can answer the question “Is Anxiety Contagious?” 1. It is important to understand panic attacks, anxiety, depression and other mental health terminology correctly, not to rely on rumors, misconceptions or misinterpretations about those psychological terms. They signify very different problems with very different causes and results. 2. […]