Is Therapy a Key Component in Treating Addiction?

Decades ago, addiction therapists began informing their clients of the need to end their “Stinking thinking.” A catch phrase for a negative thought pattern eventually used to rationalize counterproductive actions and mental activities. Identified by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, “Stinking thinking” keeps people addicted to dysfunctional behaviors, expectations and/or substances, sometimes all three. The imperative […]


Help Me, Heroin Isn’t

“There is a heroin epidemic in America,” writes pediatrician Jarret Patton, MD. “Now is not the time to ignore the problem.” (KevinMD) The above statement was published as the Las Vegas, hoping to stem HIV and hepatitis, to get needle vending machines headline reached around the world. Mental and public health professionals plus the public would […]

overcome addiction

Overcoming Addiction

Once an addiction is confronted and you have suffered up to your threshold of pain, you are now faced with the challenge to look the addiction in the face and overcome it to the best of your ability. Reaching full sobriety usually means you will have an overall better life, this includes: living in the […]