The Benefits of Long Distance Relationships

The culture 10 to 20 years ago would advise that you should avoid getting into a long distance relationship. However, new research has illustrated that trend is not necessarily something to avoid anymore. In fact, almost 75% of college students will have been in a long distance relationship at some point during their undergraduate degree […]


Anhedonia: What is it? How Can it Be Treated?

Most of us have certain interests and hobbies that we enjoy, whether it is playing the guitar, reading a book, or hiking a trail. We are motivated to engage in these activities, as they make us feel good and bring us pleasure and happiness. Even when we are having a bad day, planting flowers in […]

smiling depression

All You Need to Know About Smiling Depression

Psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff mentioned in one of her books that as a child she’d noticed one of her mom’s much-accomplished friends flashing handsome smiles at a party, but somehow, he seemed depressed. The mother considered the observation to lack credibility but later realized that her youngster’s hunch had been correct. The popular, financially secure […]

emotional intimacy

How to Overcome Emotional Intimacy Issues

As men and women become closer with each other they tend to experience more emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy occurs when the communication and trust level between two people is so deep that they share their innermost selves. Intimacy tends to grow when we feel we are in a safe, accepting, and caring space with our […]