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Stress: The Vital Question to Ask Yourself

Stress is an annoyance and sometimes even a handicap to reaching quality of life, but what can we do about it? There is one vital question to ask yourself in any situation that is stressful. That question is, “Can I do anything about this?” If you answer yes to that question, then that is fantastic. […]

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Work Related Stress

Do you find yourself losing concentration in work meetings? Are you more tired than usual? Do you find it difficult to create time for yourself to take breaks? You may be suffering from work related stress. In today’s world employees have more demands on them than ever before, but that can leave you feeling depleted […]

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Proven Strategies for Controlling Anger

Happy people don’t dwell on anger, and that’s the main issue when it comes to strategies for controlling anger. But some people are born with a tendency to be angry, other people develop a persistent anger. Anger, and dwelling on it, seems so normal justified in specific situations to such people. It’s a mystery to […]


5 Natural Remedies That Can Help to Alleviate Stress

Exercise, sunshine, strong happy hugs and sound nutrition can improve your mood by promoting balanced hormone levels. They promote the creation of happiness-promoting chemicals called endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin. They are natural anti-depressants, lowering your level of unhappiness while raising your smile. So does having a pet whose company you enjoy. Get walking with […]

Manage Stress

The Most Important Techniques for Correctly Managing Your Stress

The most important techniques for managing your stress are multifaceted: 1) Keeping things in perspective, 2) Re-thinking your pose, breathing and body language, including your facial expressions, and 3) Nurturing yourself. Keeping things in perspective means that you consider troubling situations from many perspectives: Yours, that of the people involved with the situation at hand, […]

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Stress Management: Tips from Certified Life Coaches

Life coach Dr. Leah Gniwesch responded to a series of questions and shared other insights into stress management to benefit’s readership. Read on to find her stress management tips plus others that might prove helpful to you. [YG] What is your definition of stress from a life coaching​perspective and what are your Top Tips for […]

Manage Stress

Cope with Stress: Manage Your Reaction

Stress is part and parcel of life and there are many stressful situations that we can neither avoid nor change. In these situations we have control over one thing and one thing alone and that is how we choose to respond to these kinds of situations. In my previous article, I emphasized the importance of […]

Stress Kills

Stop Stressing: You’re Killing Yourself

Anxiety aka stress is worry that’s out of control. It damages physical and mental health in many ways. The Mayo Clinic, among other medical and mental health facilities and experts, has described the phenomenon and even how to tame it. Avoiding upset stomachs and lives, heartaches and migraines can be done, and it takes practice. […]

Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

Good Stress vs. Bad Stress: Understanding the Differences

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal gave a How to Make Stress Your Friend Tedtalk that informs us of the up side to feeling stressed out: Stress makes us social. Feeling stressed produces the hormone oxytocin. It acts on the brain and on the body, protecting your cardiovascular system from the effects of stress. Oxytocin is a natural […]

Overcome Stress

Five Unique Remedies to Overcome Stress

Imagine life for a Cubs fan. A century of disappointment and outtablue you’re cheering your lungs out on live TV or among friends watching the April 2, 2017 game with you. Imagine the relief of the team members! How did they show the world how to overcome 108 years of losing-streak stress? One of the […]