Five Unique Remedies to Overcome Stress

Overcome Stress

Imagine life for a Cubs fan. A century of disappointment and outtablue you’re cheering your lungs out on live TV or among friends watching the April 2, 2017 game with you. Imagine the relief of the team members! How did they show the world how to overcome 108 years of losing-streak stress?

One of the remarkable things about the team members has been their Stay hungry but stay humble stance. They believed in the team’s ability to win but didn’t let that confidence get out of hand. They simply Stayed the Course, pursuing that series-winning goal despite all the losses and teasing within and outside the sports world. Both stress-busting tactics let anyone who uses them, for any reason, to develop integrity, a soothing sense of calm and good sense. The maturity to remain focused despite obstacles and heartaches is the gift developed by using those two unique remedies for overcoming stress.

Choosing a goal, after having considered its meaningfulness to you, and honoring your decision to remain committed to achieving that objective, fills a person with a sense of purpose. Think of Mother Teresa and all the afflictions that she overcame to feed India’s starving masses: Poverty, illness, starting at society’s lowest rungs, among other problems, became the badges of her victory over all the problems between her and reaching her objective. Countless lives attest to her success, too. They endure because of Mother Teresa’s determination to succeed no matter what.

Think of how scientists in space prevent themselves from going astronutz. They receive professional training on how to deal with psychological setbacks. You can seek such training, too.

Making a hobby of defeating expectations let Austin Prario run the grueling Boston Marathon, though he was born with a physical defect that no marathon winner had ever faced before. It’s fun to beat “Never,” and Austin did it with style.

The mental health world is full of aphorisms, sayings about how to win despite the odds. Here are a few of them:

One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. – Benjamin Disraeli

Courage doesn’t mean a lack of fear. It means that fear won’t stop you from doing a job anyway.

Early bird catches the worm.

Social media is full of colorful motivational memes, as are offices. Find one that suits you, or create the one you need to energize your efforts and to overcome a sense of despair. Normal people experience it. Achievers overcome the negativity. The payoff is powerful. Enjoy the sensation.

Need to know how to prevent or to overcome stress while pursuing your ambition? Remember the remedies for overcoming stress mentioned above. Keep the five alive in your heart and mind:

Stay hungry but stay humble

 Stay the Course.

Seek professional training on how to deal with psychological setbacks.

Make a hobby of defeating – even exceeding – expectations.

Select the badge(s) of victory that will fill you with a sense of purpose and pride.