Relationship Quotes that will Really Help You

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In real life and in the social media world, we tend to focus on easily remembered ideas. Relationship quotes fill gaps in both places because, frankly, most us wonder how to say things just right. Find relief when you read the quips below, and use them as needed.

“All relationships go through hell. Worthwhile people and their relationships get past it.”

“I’m in charge of how I feel and I choose to be happy.”

“Do what you did to start this relationship and it’ll never end.”

“Don’t chase love or affection. If they’re not being directed your way, the person isn’t for you.”

Relationships are about two things: Appreciating the similarities and respecting the differences.”

“It will never be perfect. Make it work.”

“Be the kind of person you want to meet.”

“Relationships are worth fighting for, but you shouldn’t be the only one making the effort.”

“Maybe it is our imperfections which make us so perfect for one another.”

“Love isn’t about being perfect. Looks, lifestyles and other things aren’t what matter. All that matters is that everyone involved has a good heart, self-control, and everyone’s best interests in mind.”

Relationship quotes can get at the heart of complicated ideas. They also let us think quickly about long-winded lines of thought. The following paragraph, excerpted from a forthcoming article, can be taken line by line or as an entire paragraph:

“Make progress towards meaningful goals. When you conquer the issues together, you’ll feel a sense of joy that defies words. You’ll share a sense of having reached a valuable destination, of having bettered both your lives. That can fill you with a confidence that defies depression the next time that a challenge is before you.”

Two non-negotiable criteria for a mature relationship:

“Magazines and the rest of the media talk about owning your sexuality. That’s not the same thing as forcing it on someone. Keep your clothes on and share your body in the privacy of an intimate relationship. Marriage comes to mind.”

“A sense of doubt is often at the heart of a relationship problem. Doubt leads to confusion. The people in a relationship need to sort of the good and bad elements of it. Be tenacious. Work past the problems as you support each other. Your goal is clarity. It lets you transcend problems to become better than you were before as individuals and as a couple.”

Relationship quotes are one thing, but the essentially important parts of a relationship are mutual respect, a common goal, meeting each other’s needs, forgiveness, and time. Some days you’ll need to focus on all that when your significant other unintentionally, or purposefully, tries your patience.

A final thought: “The test of good manners is being able to bear with bad ones patiently.”

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