Family: They’ve Got You, Babe

Throughout time, family connection has been a huge part of the human condition; sustaining close, personal relationships with those you have genetic ties with has helped people understand themselves and the way that they think, interact, and behave (for better or worse) based on the history of their lineage.  Often family has also been a […]

peter pan syndrome

How to Treat Peter Pan Syndrome

Peter Pan is a cultural figure about a boy who never grows up. He represents the fantasy that most people have at some point about not having to mature and deal with adult responsibilities. There is an American adaptation of the Peter Pan story starring Robin Williams called Hook. It focuses on the idea that […]

best friends

Best Friendship Quotes

Feel yourself smile as you read the quotes below, culled from age-old troves of friendship quotation treasuries and last-minute memes. Some of these remarks will cheer you up. Others will make you think more deeply about the meaning of best friendship. “Best friends are people who make your problems their problems, just so you won’t […]

dysfunctional family

What is a Dysfunctional Family?

The descriptor of “dysfunctional family” is used broadly without a clear definition.  The term dysfunction suggests that something is broken or clearly not functioning properly.  While there is a continuum of severity, dysfunctional implies there is consistent conflict and instability, and often even emotional abuse or neglect.  In dysfunctional families, there are generally several negative […]

family humor

Funny Quotes about Family that Will Leave You Laughing

The world is rich with witticisms, those short, profound observations that all of us wish that we’d said first. But even if you haven’t created an original remark, you can still share briefly stated, wonderful wisdom cobbled together by someone else. Let’s look at life from the beginning and see where it leads us in […]


7 Tips for Dealing with Frustration

Frustration is an emotion everyone can relate to. However, it is an emotion that is pretty vague. Are you exasperated, upset, disappointment, let down, irritated, or perturbed? Being frustrated leaves a lot to the imagination. In order to understand what someone is actually feeling when they say they are frustrated, it helps to look at […]

love yourself

How to Love Yourself

As we grow, we meet various milestones in our lives, from learning how to walk and talk, learning fundamentals about the world, and going through puberty, all in the ultimate goal of developing into an independent adult. One developmental milestone that many do not immediately identify is the development of emotional intelligence, or the ability […]