young love

What Is So Confusing & Difficult about Young Love?

Most people remember their first love. For many of us, it happened when we were just young teenagers. We often remember it being intense and even amazing, but also potentially very chaotic and even heart-breaking. People often say things like, “Oh to be young and in love…” with a slight sigh and a smile as […]


How to Spot a Sadist

A sadist is a term that describes an individual who enjoys causing pain, retribution, and shame in others.  Sadists obtain great enjoyment and satisfaction from causing anguish and distress in others.  The term sadism derives from an 18th century Frenchman, Marquis de Sade, who was famous for penning aggressive, malicious, and ruthless literature about sexuality.  […]

split attraction

What is the Split Attraction Model?

According to the split attraction model, how someone experiences attraction can be split into categories. For some people romantic and sexual attraction are distinctly different experiences. The split attraction model recognizes that sexual and romantic orientations are not the same for some people. This paradigm recognizes that people can experience sexual and romantic attraction differently. […]


Does Altruism Make You Happy

The English Oxford Dictionary defines altruism as “selfless concern for the well-being of others.”  Altruism encompasses caring and kindness without the expectation of anything in return.  Perhaps not always overtly visible, but altruism can be found just about anywhere.  Altruism can be rolled up in small acts of kindness, such as holding the door open […]

confirmation bias

Be Honest, Do You Have Confirmation Bias?

Confirmation bias is the tendency people have so search for and interpret information in such a way that it endorses their thoughts and belief system. Simply put, people allow their biases to inform the way they interpret data and view it as supporting their preexisting beliefs. In reality, the data should inform the thoughts and […]


The Importance of Giving & Receiving Consent in a Relationship

Consent has become an important word in today’s culture. It is usually referencing whether or not someone gave permission or made an agreement to do something. Whether or not someone gave consent has been especially important when people engage in any sexually related acts. There is a humorous video describing consent in terms of tea. […]

stockholm sydrome

Stockholm Syndrome, When you Become your Worst Nightmare

Stockholm syndrome has been referred to as traumatic bonding.  It is a survival strategy involving victims can experience feelings of trust or affection towards their captors in situations of kidnapping or hostage taking. This condition generally develops as a protective mechanism for people to cope with such extreme stress. It is not an identified disorder […]


The Subtlety of Microaggressions 

Microaggressions can describe behaviors or comments that was subtle, inflict insult or injury on individuals, based on their identity with a certain group. It is a term to describe brief and common verbal, behavioral, or implicit messaging that slight or insult a certain group. Well often not intentionally malicious, microaggressions can have a deep, negative […]

lack romance

In a Marriage Slump? How to Bring Romance Back into your Relationship

Long-term relationships are difficult, and many people in long relationships experience moments where they feel less connected, less intimate, and less engaged in the romance and passion they experienced when the relationship began. This is a normal part of a relationship and is not something to worry or fear; it is a result of seeping […]


How Jealousy can Ruin Your Relationship

Jealousy is a common challenge in intimate relationships. While the impact of jealousy can range in intensity and severity, it is damaging and will lead to disconnection.  Jealousy can be insidious, as it often can start as a minor concern, yet if it is not addressed, it can get out of control. Jealousy is an […]