The Benefits of Long Distance Relationships

The culture 10 to 20 years ago would advise that you should avoid getting into a long distance relationship. However, new research has illustrated that trend is not necessarily something to avoid anymore. In fact, almost 75% of college students will have been in a long distance relationship at some point during their undergraduate degree […]


What You Need to Know About Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a term used to describe a manipulative tactic where a person causes someone to question their own sanity. The term comes from a movie where the husband manipulates his wife’s environment in subtle enough ways to convince her she is going insane. Gaslighting might not always happen in that dramatic of fashion, but […]

husband hates me

How Can I Save My Marriage? It Feels Like My Husband Hates Me

Most people have a longing for a long-term, intimate connection with another person. While marriage is a vessel for that kind of connection, there are many countries where the divorce rate is climbing, even hovering between 40-50%. What we can glean from these statistics is marriage is difficult. People do not divorce because marriage is […]

verbal abuse

How to Recognize Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse often goes unnoticed and unrecognized. It is more subtle than physical abuse yet can cause similar emotional damage.  Verbal abuse can occur in any relationship:  home, spousal, friendships, or work. It involves using words to hurt, control, or manipulate another person.  It is most commonly addressed in the context of a significant other. […]

missing ex

Why Do I Miss My Ex?

Relationships should come with a rule book, or at least with a comprehensive “how to” guide.  It would be quite helpful to refer back to an all-knowing relationship manual when faced with a romantic dilemma.  Unfortunately, no such manual exists and instead, we are left to rely solely on our intuition, judgment, and vulnerable hearts.  […]


Love: What is it Really and How Will I Know?

There are a few things people need to survive: air, water and food, somewhere safe and secure to live out of nature’s elements, and sleep. While these things are the bare minimum of what people need to survive, theorists have long studied other parts of human condition and identify that there are other things that […]


Effects of Positive Punishment Techniques

If you have ever done potty training for a toddler, behavior training for a dog, or even had cheat meals while dieting, you have engaged in a technique called operant conditioning. It involves learning and altering certain behaviors by utilizing reinforcement and punishment. If you are teaching a dog to not pull on the leash […]

dating woman with kids

5 Things You Need to Know about Dating a Woman with Kids

Parenting is extremely hard work. Yes, it is rewarding, but it is incredibly challenging. If you have kids, you understand that strange universe of being so in love with your children while simultaneously feeling like they are sucking every ounce of energy you have. As a parent, you know how it is one of the […]

overbearing mother

Let’s Understand Serial Monogamy

Monogamy in and of itself is often considered a positive, desirable attribute of a relationship in western culture. It is when two people commit to date or marry each other, without having such a relationship with anyone else at the same time. Serial monogamy suggests commitment to the relationship, yet for a limited time.  It […]

emotional abuse

What is Emotional Abuse? And How Can it Effect You?

Abuse has been defined as referring to “harmful or injurious treatment of another human being that may include physical, sexual, verbal, psychological/emotional, intellectual, or spiritual maltreatment”.  While more physical forms of abuse may be easier to identify and understand, the concept of emotional or psychological abuse is something that can be hard to pinpoint due […]