Does Social Media Destroy Relationships?

We can all agree that relationship dynamics have changed over the years. Relationships today seem to be more casual as there is less of an emphasis put on finding a lifelong partner. Some people believe the deterioration of relationships today can be largely attributed to the wide use of social media. Sure, social media is a great way to catch up with old friends and share some of your most important life events. However, when in a relationship, doing these very things can sometimes be an issue. Here are a few things to bear in mind.

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Everything isn’t Everyone’s Business

While it may be tempting to share every aspect of your life with your online audience, there are times that keeping it to yourself proves to be the better choice. For example, if you and your significant other are having an argument, you want to go vent about it on social media. Doing this does two things. The first thing is your commentary opens the doors for other people to respond to the situation. As we all know, these responses may not be very nice. The second thing that happens is that you effectively make your partner feel as if you’d rather talk the “world” instead of talking to them about the problem.

Opening these doors may make your partner feel attacked by those that choose to take your virtual side of the argument. Feeling attacked by people you may not even know can wear on a relationship quickly.

Private Moments are Just that, Private

On the flip side, sharing positive and private moments on social media can have the same negative effects. For example, you’re having a bad hair day, and you decide to post it on social media. Next thing you know, you have a barrage of comments about how great you look, how adorable you are, and how the world should just accept you as you are because you’re beautiful. While those types of sentiments can certainly make your day a little better, they can also garner a side-eye from your significant other.

Some Bridges should not be Rebuilt

It’s great to see how your friends from college may have turned out and see how your co-workers like to spend their days off. However, social media also gives you the ability to be in touch with people that may make a relationship uncomfortable. No one likes to see that their beau is new best friends with an ex or an attractive new acquaintance. This uncomfortableness is further exasperated of these reunions take place in private chats and inboxes.

Creating Additional Insecurities

While the above instances can certainly spark some insecurities, there are other ways certain behaviors can cause your partner to feel disenchanted. We have all seen more than a few of the gorgeous models whose pictures and videos are posted and shared millions of times. If you admire a certain tall, blonde, and thin model as your MCM or WCW, that implies that you just might have a type. That seems harmless, right? What if your partner is the complete opposite? Now, there’s a problem. You may hear questions like, “What are you doing with me,” or “so that’s your type?” This can lead to further resentment when it comes to the time you spend on social media.

So, does social media destroy relationships? The short answer is no. Social media itself isn’t the problem. It’s some of the behaviors that may be displayed when it comes to using it. It’s important to remember that your partner should be the one that you confide in before taking your issues to social media. Don’t open the doors for people to share their bad relationship advice or bash your partner from behind the safety of a keyboard. Most of all, don’t become so immersed in social media that you miss what’s going on right in front of your face.

Theresa Smith, CASAC, CRC, LMFT, LPC

Theresa Smith is a relationship expert with over 20 years of experience. She has worked in different areas including clinical work, and more recently a writer. She has a passion for happy relationships and feels that it’s an attainable goal for everyone.

Theresa has several professional credentials centered around mental health, psychology, dating, relationships, and addiction treatment. She has written thousands of articles and many e-books on many facets of dating and relationships.

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