An Effective Method to Overcome Relationship Problems

Eric Silver
September 7, 2016

Being in a relationship is one of the most complex ‘state of affairs’ people experience throughout their lives. The ups and downs that are associated with it can be frustrating to say the least. Naturally, relationship problems can take both a serious physical and mental toll on your body. Thus, it is no surprise that millions of people are looking to overcome their issues quickly.

Overcome Relationship Problems

The problem with this isn’t that people are looking for an easy way out. People are intelligent beings and understand the multiple emotional layers involved in a relationship. Rather, people are simply not addressing the right part of the equation. Most people understand the situation and when they have an issue. However, they generally lump that together with their own emotions, and that’s when things go south.

The first step in overcoming your relationship problems is separating the situation from your own emotional state of mind. Easier said than done considering the fact that dealing with your emotions will be the most difficult part. However, it is important to take a step back and calm down. Once you can think clearly, you are ready for your next step – communicating with your partner in a healthy and stable environment. Screaming matches rarely work.

Individual Emotional Management

Excellent – most grown adults can come to terms with the fact that they need to separate their emotions and the problem itself. The difficulty here is that most people believe they don’t have the proper tools to tackle their emotional state head on, by themselves. Going for a walk or taking some alone time can help diffuse your state of mind when dealing with a relationship fight. However, for many people, this simply doesn’t cut it. Not to worry – if you do feel like this, it is very common; you are not alone. In fact, it is completely normal to feel lost on how to deal with your emotions.

Approach Effectively

Now that you understand your issue, you need to address it appropriately and effectively. Though there are several methods you can choose from, the most obvious approach of which is therapy. Settle down, tiger. Don’t be so quick to dismiss therapy; consider the fact most people found therapy to help them overcome their relationship problems. Unfortunately, there is a large obstacle that make many people ponder if therapy is the right avenue for them.

In today’s fast-pace world, people are always on the go. You need to deal with your relationship problems? When? Is there enough time? People are juggling between their demanding personal and occupational lives. Setting an hour-plus long therapy session appointment and then actually showing up for it is a daunting undertaking. And, of course, there are the exorbitant fees associated with therapy that no one wants to deal with, even if insurance co-pay is available.

So…Therapy Isn’t a Solution?

No – therapy is exactly the solution, or, more precisely, online therapy. Online therapy, also known as e-counseling or online counseling, is a relatively new method of receiving therapy from a certified professional over the Internet.

You may be wondering how online therapy can be effective for solving your relationship problems, and that is a good question. It is difficult to hold a therapy session over the Internet when more than two people are involved. In this case, it is you, your partner and the therapist. And though many people do find that online therapy is effective for their relationship problems, it isn’t surprising to see that couples don’t. However, that isn’t the issue here.

Remember, the goal here is to properly manage your own emotions first and then deal with your relationship problems thereafter. Online therapy can be an extremely effective tool for the former and possibly even the latter. The ability to receive ‘on-the-go’ communication from a certified therapist at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy makes it, at the very least, an intriguing option. More importantly, there have been several studies showing that online therapy is extremely helpful, including online therapy giant Breakthrough’s claim that 8 out of 10 people saw improvement in their state of mind.

Getting in the right ‘head state’ is an integral first step in overcoming your relationship issues, and online therapy can help with that. Once you have the ability to properly manage your own emotions with effective therapy, then you can get down to the real business. And there is likely no one else better to solve your relationship problems than you and your partner, together, in a clear state of mind.

Eric Silver

Eric Silver is a writer and advocate for mental health awareness. Eric developed a personal passion for spreading mental health awareness in his adolescence when he became a caretaker for a close family member battling depression. He's researched and written extensively on mental health, depression and therapy.

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