Tatiana Morris
Tatiana Morris
LPC 172
(503) 902-6260
Tatiana Morris

Tatiana Morris

LPC 172

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About Me

Have you felt that you want to say something to someone and you just can't?

Words get stuck in your throat and you are paralyzed by fear.

You desperately need to be heard and noticed by people around you, and you cannot make yourself speak up.

What if people don't like it? What if they get mad? What if they hurt you?

I know how it feels. I have experienced that myself, and as a therapist I helped other women find their inner strength to stand up for themselves. I will be happy to help you, too.

I specialize in working with women who want to heal their childhood trauma, sexual abuse, in particular, and its consequences such as anxiety and depression.

I have a lot of tools and techniques that I can offer you. However, empathy and compassion have the most healing power of all.

We will re-experience your childhood in a new healing way together. I look forward to get to know you and help you create the life of your dreams!

For more information and to schedule a free video consultation with me, please, check my website at www.tatianamorrislpc.com

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