Lucien Flahaut

Specialties: Relationships
Credentials: Graduated from Fowler International Institute of Coaching
Languages: English and French
Experience: 15+ years
Telephone: 818-284-3066
Address: 34 Selden Street, Boston, MA, USA

 I came to the US in 2002 as a non-English speaker. For 25 years, I worked in the restaurant business and learned a thing or two about guest satisfaction. Along with meeting different people, I learned to manage different types of personalities.
I’ve always enjoyed being a coach and helping people achieve what makes them happy in life.
I specialize in relationship coaching. There is nothing more frustrating than being in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere, where you find yourselves fighting over nonsense, failing to understand one another, struggling to get an equal share of the relationship “rules,” and dealing with infidelity.
My assistance also extended to individuals who view themselves as unworthy of a healthy and lasting relationship. These include partners dealing with substance abuse, cheating, commitment, communication, intimacy, and many other issues.