Kim Vahjen

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About Me

I have been working within the medical field since 2014 on both the direct care and administrative sides. As I helped patients with both physical and cognitive disabilities, I have gained a unique perspective as a counselor to help clients feel safe to process through the difficult moments in life. My specialties are anxiety, stress, and trauma, as well as emotional regulation, spirituality, and coping skills. I tend to lean toward CBT, DBT, solution-focused brief therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy but I also use other methods, depending on specific needs of clients.

During our sessions I will help you realize your personal strengths, learn how to leverage your current support systems, remember previous solutions that have worked, and identify some areas for growth. Our collaborative and friendly relationship will allow you to be in charge of the progress you make, at the pace you are comfortable with.

I look forward to getting to know you!

My Location

static image of 2131 East Broadway Road, Suite 1, Tempe, Arizona