Kendra Capalbo

Specialties: Couples Therapy
Credentials:  LICSW
Languages: English
Experience: 16 years
Telephone: 401-868-1177
Address: 193 Waterman St., Providence, RI, 02906

Kendra is a couples therapist who has received training in Gottman, Emotionally Focused and Discernment therapy methods. She helps couples who are just starting out in their relationship and want to ensure they have the skills to maintain a mutually satisfying and healthy relationship, those who are struggling but committed to stay together and those who are at a crossroad where divorce is being strongly considered. Kendra’s goal is to help couples either strengthen their relationship through improved communication and conflict management skills or amicably move on when staying together is not an option. Her approach is an effective mix of straight-forward and compassionate. She is relatable and her passion for this work is evident every step of the way.

Kendra sees clients in her office and does not accept insurance. The fee is $225 per 90 minute session but she offers a 30 minute, in person, complimentary session.