Deborah M Gonzales

Specialties: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Marital and Premarital
Credentials: MSW, LCSW, ACSW, CHT, CFSW
Languages: English
Experience: 31 years
Telephone: 907-982-7031
Address: 4141 B Street #301 Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Are you stressed out and anxious? Overwhelmed? Struggling with perfection? Do you deal with chronic pain or illness? Are you having communication problems with your partner? Is your plate too full and are you struggling to keep up? Therapy can help. In office therapy available in Anchorage and Video/Tele-Health ANYWHERE in The State of Alaska. I PROMISE to respond to your Email and/or request for an appointment within three hours. When you reach out for help, you deserve to be heard and respected with a timely response.
When my clients come in feeling like the weight of their world is on their shoulders and they can’t see their way to happiness, I strive to help them clear out the clutter of their mind and to look at things in a new way. When they say, “I hadn’t thought of that”, or “ I never looked at it that way”, I know they are on their way to feeling HOPEFUL.
I raised two children, attended college and graduate school as a single, working parent. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out……I have SO been there and can help you learn to cope in a healthy way. If you are struggling to adjust to being in a new place, far from family and friends, and certainly not an easy road trip away, I hear you and can help!