Alan Rivas

Alan Rivas


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About Me

The decision to attend counseling can be a significant moment in one’s life. The choice to seek this kind of support can come about for many reasons. People seek therapy to deal with issues, conflicts, and problems associated with a range of topics: interpersonal relationships, professional/career issues, family struggles, unwanted symptoms/behaviors/feelings, a desire to make change, a need to process/grieve painful events from the past or present, self-exploration and many other purposes. Given the importance of such issues, it is critical to find a therapist with whom one feels comfortable.

I am goal oriented with my clients and it is important for each client to feel knowledgeable, strengthened, and encouraged during the counseling process. My primary therapeutic approach is utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. Although my main therapeutic approach is CBT I also rely on Mindfulness and Positive Psychology techniques.

I seek to create an atmosphere that is warm and empathetic while encouraging clients to be open to deep and profound exploration. This dynamic has proven to foster the kind of environment I believe is conducive to growth and change. I believe foundation to a successful therapeutic relationship is the creation of a safe place.