Yesenia Reta

Specialties: Anxiety, Relationships, Self-esteem
Credentials: LCSW
Languages: English, Spanish
Experience: 16 years

The time has come. You’re ready for healing. Ready to move past the hurts that have held you back from living the life that awaits you. You have faith and hope for a better tomorrow and the only person stopping you, is you. The unrest and constant worry have been hard to shake off. You’re moody and unapproachable most of the time. You’ve wondered what is wrong with you, why you can’t get it together already. Living on edge all the time is beginning to wear you down. Resting has been useless because you can’t seem to quiet the racing thoughts long enough to actually sleep good.
You’ve gone this alone long enough. You’re ready to get help from someone who understands your faith and can help you feel better without the judgement or shame. You’re ready to feel joy and peace again. You want clear thinking and to connect with your emotions without feeling overwhelmed by them. You just want to feel better already!
As a Christian therapist, I see my client’s faith as a strength to build upon. I believe crisis equals opportunity and that our most painful moments present as opportunities for growth. I’m ready to sit with you, carry your burden, and help you lighten your load. Visit my website for more information and to schedule your first appointment.