How to Deal with Enochlophobia (Fear of Crowds)

fear of crowds

Imagine you walk into an empty elevator to reach the 30th floor of your office building. The elevator goes up a few floors, and two people get in. Although it’s not that crowded, you start to feel uneasy. Your palms are beginning to sweat, you’re feeling somewhat lightheaded, and there’s this strange sense of discomfort…

Is Anatidaephobia a Real Condition or Just Quackery?


One of the most common conditions treated by psychologists is anxiety. It generally involves feelings of worry, nervousness, or unease associated with a sense of uncertainty about the outcome of a situation. While it’s common for people to feel nervous or fearful about a variety of circumstances in their lives, when these feelings interfere with…

What Is Trypophobia? Definitions, Signs and Treatments


Arachnophobia and claustrophobia are common phobias that you probably recognize. There are other common phobias, such as trypophobia, that you might not have heard of. In Greek, “trypa” means “hole” or “drilling.” Put simply, trypophobia is disgust or fear of small holes or bumps – like the holes in sliced bread, a cheese grater, strawberry…

Scared of Clowns? Coulrophobia Is More Common Than You Think

scared of clowns

A phobia is the irrational fear or hatred of something. Phobias tend to involve such an intense fear that they lead the individual to avoid certain situations in which they may encounter the things they fear. It even has the potential to heavily impact a person’s overall quality of life, especially if the person begins…

Petrified of Needles? You Have Trypanophobia

fear of needles

It is no secret that many peoples are not fond of needles. Nobody likes their arm to be wrapped in a tight tourniquet, only to be poked and prodded until blood is drawn. Unfortunately, needles are a necessary evil, as they are utilized for vaccinations and to assess a person’s general state of health. Children…

Do You Have Submechanophobia?

objects submerged under water

The world is filled with weird and scary things that can cause a person to feel nervous and frightened. While some things that scare people make sense due to the reasonable threat they cause, other things people fear can seem to come from an unreasonable place of fear due to the lack of threat that…

What is Gamophobia?


Many people can think of at least one person in their lives that they would consider to be “afraid of commitment,” but most do not realize that this is an actual phobia. If you or someone you know has a serious fear of commitment, and a fear of marriage in particular, you (or they) may…

Cool as a Cucumber? Lachanophobia, the Fear of Vegetables, is Real


While many people enjoy the taste of a delicious salad full of vegetables there are others for which those scenarios cause very different emotions. Lachanophobia, or the irrational fear of vegetables, is a mental illness that may cause symptoms similar to other phobias. Those struggling from this condition may be overcome with significant amounts of…

Venustraphobia: The Fear of Beautiful Women… Is it Real or Fake?


Everyone has something that they are afraid of. We all know someone who will run across the room and jump on a chair when they see a spider or bug in their house, or someone who is afraid of heights and refuses to go on roller coasters. Fear is something that is healthy and inherently…

How Common is Tocophobia? (Fear of Childbirth)

pregnant fear

Most women experience some anxiety and fear about labor and childbirth. It is a significant event and the pain that women experience during childbirth is no secret. When the fear becomes so severe that it is considered a mental health phobia, it is called tocophobia. Tocophobia is referencing anxiety that is so severe it is…

Scared of Being Trapped? You Have Cleithrophobia


Cleithrophobia is the fear of being trapped, locked in, or unable to leave. It seems similar to claustrophobia, but there are some distinctions. Claustrophobia is the fear of being in a small space where the space itself triggers a reaction. Cleithrophobia is the fear of being confined in a space in which you feel trapped….

Do Dummies Freak You Out? Maybe You Have Automatonophobia


Have you ever experienced a chill down your spine when you saw a doll, wax figure, or other kind of inanimate object that has been created to look like a human? If so, you are not alone. Many people report having some feelings of discomfort around human-like figures, but recently people have begun to discuss…

What is Chronophobia?


As a society, we are ruled by time.  The time on the clock dictates what time we get up in the morning, when we arrive at work, and when we leave to pick up the kids.  Time commands us when to start dinner and when to go to bed.  The first and last thing that…

Is Fear of Vomiting, Emetophobia, a Thing?


Vomiting is by no means a pleasant experience.  However, it is a normal and natural bodily function that enables the body to get rid of something hazardous.  Emetophobia is a type of phobia pertaining to vomiting.  Emetophobia can be characterized by several fears related to vomiting, such as being afraid of throwing up in public,…

Can You Cure Aerophobia, the Fear of Flying?


Airports are places of organized chaos and a fantastic location to do some serious people watching.  At any point throughout the day, you will notice businessmen and women moving hurriedly throughout the airport, briefcases in hand.  You will see family members arriving and embracing loved ones that they have not seen in months.  You will…

Being Alone and Autophobia

coping with anxiety

Most people desire to be around others. Even the shyest and most introverted people have moments where they want and need to be around people. That desire is a normal part of being human because human beings are wired to connect with others. This makes the thought of being alone a real fear for many….

What is Agorophobia?


When most people hear Paula Deen’s name, they associate her with her cooking show on the Food Network or from her lifestyle magazines.  What most people are unaware of is that Paula Deen’s culinary prowess derived from a very dark and bleak period in her life when she could not leave her house.  After Paula’s…

Petrified of Snakes? Ophidiophobia is a Thing

fear of snakes

Ophidiophobia refers to an atypical and illogical fear of snakes that falls under the larger category of herpetophobia, or the fear of reptiles.  Ophidiophobia is fairly common and can range in severity, as some individuals may only be mildly afraid, while others may possess a severe and incapacitating fear.  A minor phobia might encompass a…

Dentophobia: Why are You Scared of Dentists?


Most people likely do not enjoy going to the doctor or the dentist. At best, it is inconvenient and simply disrupts your day. At worst, it can be completely unsettling and even terrifying for some people. Even if you have a clean bill of health every time you go and you have never had a…

Spectrophobia: The Fear of Mirrors

mirror phobia

A phobia is an extreme fear of something that poses no real threat. The range varies from little things like insects to elevators. The person will fear anything that reminds them of the phobia. Even listening to a nose that can be related to the phobia can trigger severe fear responses. In phobias, the person’s…