Alexis Dent
What is Gamophobia?

Many people can think of at least one person in their lives that they would consider to be “afraid of commitment,” but most do not realize that this is an

group music therapy
Emily Mendez M.S., Ed.S.
What Is Music Therapy?

Music is apart of everyday life. It can help you stay motivated during a grueling workout or relieve boredom on a long commute. Have you ever noticed how a certain

Shannon V. McHugh, PsyD
Do You Have Submechanophobia?

Everyone has something that they are afraid of; the world is filled with weird and scary things that can cause a person to feel nervous and frightened. While some things

Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
What is Chronophobia?

As a society, we are ruled by time.  The time on the clock dictates what time we get up in the morning, when we arrive at work, and when we

Tracy Smith LPC, NCC, ACS
Can You Cure Aerophobia, the Fear of Flying?

Airports are places of organized chaos and a fantastic location to do some serious people watching.  At any point throughout the day, you will notice businessmen and women moving hurriedly

coping with anxiety
Michelle Overman LMFT
Being Alone and Autophobia

Most people desire to be around others. Even the shyest and most introverted people have moments where they want and need to be around people. That desire is a normal