Counseling Relationship

The Counseling Relationship in Online Psychotherapy: What Does the Research Say?

My previous article on online counseling defined and explored the impact of technological counseling on the nature of the therapeutic relationship. This article takes this discussion a bit deeper through exploring some of the research into establishing and maintaining a counseling relationship in online psychotherapy. As discussed in the previous article, the relationship between counselor […]

Therapy encryption

How Safe and Secure is Chat Therapy?

You’re vulnerable when you reach out to a therapist. Confiding your sorrows and other problems to a stranger is a scary tangle of trust issues and self- plus public respect. In today’s digital age of piracy and hacking nightmares, though, your concern for confidentiality is further endangered by morally bankrupt hackers who expose defenseless people […]

Online Chat Help

Psychological Testing: A reliable Form of Online Psychological Help?

The range of options when it comes to online psychological help is very wide. From online psychological testing to support groups to professional therapy, the options are endless. One of the first steps that many people take in engaging with online psychological help is using available psychological online testing. Either out of curiosity or as […]

Therapist's View

Online Counselling: From the Therapist’s Point of View

In today’s impersonal world many of our experiences are filtered through the mechanical middle man and personal interactions are conducted via the internet. As an online therapist I wonder about this process and the virtual world where one feels comfortable sharing one’s innermost feelings through an impersonal screen. My work as an online therapist has […]

Free Therapy

Can Free Online Therapy Really Make an Impact?

Free online therapy seems to be a popular option, considering all the accessible sites for it. The option is available in many countries and languages. Avoiding traffic, public exposure in waiting rooms and time-consuming commutes can make online therapy appealing. So can the convenience of digital devices. But how does free online therapy help people, […]

Online Therapy for Teens

Should Parents Seek Out Online Therapy for their Teens?

With headlines like A dangerous wait: Colleges can’t meet soaring student needs for mental health care, parents can feel justified in wondering how best to help their stressed-out college kids. However, in the event that the parents find an online or in-person mental health therapist willing to become involved with their suffering child, things can […]

Lazy doctor

Is Your Doctor Becoming Lazy with Online Therapy?

Doctors tend to be dedicated professionals, but some of them find it daunting to convey that professionalism online. The issues are multi-faceted. Wikipedia gives us a solid at-a-glance definition of online mental health therapy with “Telemental health (or telebehavioral health, telepsychiatry) is the use of telecommunications technology to provide behavioral health services.” It’s a good starting point for some […]

Therapist vs. Listener

Therapist vs. Listener: Which One Should I Use?

When it comes to maintaining or restoring, even starting to have mental health, it’s a smart move to consult board-certified therapists rather than amateurs. College degrees in counseling are one thing to assure the public of therapeutic skill, and certifying agencies another. One proves academic success, the other competency. There’s more to consider when it […]