Online Therapy Sessions: Why Millions Have Moved Over

Using Online Therapy

You don’t have to suffer in silence. You can benefit from mental health therapy in the privacy of a quiet, online conversation. As the cutting-edge American Well site indicates, online health resources are right here, right now, and at your service.

Benefits from online therapy abound from not having to feel that you’re in a one-down position to an authority figure, to learning of solutions to the problems before you. The bonus is letting go of pressure while replacing it with a sense of confidence and optimism, The fun aspect of all this is that you can do it when nobody’s watching, in your free time (however limited that may be) while avoiding travel time, the cost of gas and bad traffic situations. Those are compelling reasons to benefit from online therapy options. As Internet use spreads, and the sales of smart phones continue, the use of online therapy increases.

The benefits abound with online therapy sessions from 24/7 depression chat rooms to free relationship advice and beyond. Life looks better when you can put all that into user-friendly perspective.

This sampling of online resources is not in any way an endorsement of them, merely a small look at what’s available for people with addiction or eating disorders, relationship issues, personality, emotional and behavioral problems:

  • BetterHelp – You Deserve To Be Happy
  • Depression Chat Rooms
  • Healthful Chat
  • iCouch
  • iPrevail (counseling by Cognitive Behavior Therapy counselors)
  • Mixed Nuts
  • People’s Problems
  • Remedy Live
  • Secure Chat

Caveat Emptor: Be a wise user of online therapy sites. Make certain that the therapists are board-certified by reputable local, state and national agencies. Being vulnerable with anxiety is not a time to risk confiding in fakers.

Be aware that chat rooms, unlike dedicated therapy sites, are not privacy-oriented. They are not necessarily safe places to share your weaknesses with people you’ve never met and whose trustworthiness is unknown. You might be better off avoiding chat rooms 24/7 as a personal safety practice.

Some therapeutic online sites and chat rooms charge fees and/or insist on your documented consent to enter into the therapeutic, aka counseling, relationship. Reputable sites will indicate their qualifications to provide legitimate therapy/counseling. If you don’t see that information when you look for it, ask the administrators of the site(s) for that proof before sharing any personal details.

All counseling/therapy efforts require your full attention, honesty and courage to change, the online option included. Seeking and giving advice is a delicate situation. You’ll be smart to specify your emotional and mental health needs in your own mind before reaching out for help. Once you initiate contact with a therapist or life coach, you’ll be better prepared to explain what you need and the therapist will be able to know if she or he is the right one for you. You might be referred to a specialist in the issues you need to resolve. That’s a sign of professionalism and compassion.

If you want to understand the potential for online therapy, click this link to an informative article from The American Psychological Association.

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