Zachary Levi Becomes Mental Health Ambassador For Active Minds |

Zachary Levi Becomes Mental Health Ambassador For Active Minds

Shirley Amy
May 23, 2019

America’s biggest adolescent mental health advocacy group, Active Minds,  has just released news that the hugely popular singer and actor, Zachary Levi, will be an Active Minds Ambassador.

Taking a Cutting-Edge Approach

Levi, who has gained countless new fans after taking the lead role in Warner Brothers’ and New Line Cinema’s recently released smash hit, Shazam, is inspiring mental health sufferers everywhere. – This is because he has not held back when it comes to being up front about his extremely difficult personal battles with mental health issues, anxiety and depression.

A Message From Active Minds’ Founder

The executive director and founder of Active Minds, Alison Malmon, stated: “Not only has Zachary been open with his personal story; he has generously offered time and support to the Active Minds movement, helping to change the conversation about mental health for everyone. He exemplifies that it’s more-than-possible to live successfully with mental health issues, and that mental health is just as important as our physical well-being”. This last sentence, stating that our mental health is as vital as our physical health, is proving to be more and more important, now that our stress levels are soaring higher than ever, as tech and fast paced living, as opposed to way of life that works in tandem with nature, and our natural rhythm, becomes the norm.

An Unstoppable Passion to Help Others

Levi, who is giving his heart and soul to the cause, notes that: “Mental health is the most important thing we should be talking about. As someone who knows what it’s like to experience depression, I want to assure others  that they’re not alone. It can be hard to open up and ask for help but facing my mental health issues head-on helped me crawl out of the darkness. I want people to know there is hope, help is available, and you will make it to the other side”. Levi, also makes the point that  as adolescents are at the forefront of change, contributing to this collective effort is very close to his heart, and that he is extremely honored to be working in conjunction with Active Minds.

About Active Minds

This leading US non-profit organization, which is doing so much good, supports mental health education and awareness for both adolescents and  communities. The RAND Corporation, which recently conducted landmark research, proved that Active Minds “has a significant, positive impact on student health and well-being by creating a supportive climate for mental health on college campuses” .

The organization is supported by a vivacious hard working, network of campus chapters which are present in over 500 American high schools, universities, and colleges. Active Minds is devoted to giving unwavering support to a new generation of mental health sufferers, thereby abolishing the lack of awareness and education on the subject, and transforming the conversation about mental health, for good.

Shirley Amy

Shirley Amy is a Holistic Health Specialist and professional writer who's published 4 books. Her  interests include optimum wellness, mental health, fitness, and positive lifestyle change. She holds University and College qualifications in the fields of Health Science, Nutrition, Mental Health, Fitness, Holistic Therapy and Aromatherapy.

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