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Woolacombe FC Players Return for a Charity Match Raising Funds for Mental Health Campaign

William Kellogg
July 15, 2019

Woolacombe Football Club players who have had a career in football over the last 40 years came together for a football match to raise money for a mental health campaign.

The match was part of a family fun day in the community of Woolacombe UK last Saturday.

It’s the latest in a series of fund-raisers organized for a local mental health campaign which was set up by Paddy Weathers and Richard Evans – #NotOKisOK.

The pair are using this medium as a means of raising funds and awareness of their campaign to tackle mental health challenges. The funds raised during this match will be used for climbing Kilimanjaro in August, which is the aim of this awareness program.

The match and fun day have been organized with the assistance and sponsorship of Woolacombe elite players Andrew Woodman and Matt Lambert.

Richard said: “The main event on the day was the football match, 32 persons of all ages coming together to raise some funds and mental health awareness.”

“We put together a family fun day around the match, with other kids activities and mini competitions.

“There was a bar and BBQ running through the whole day, bouncy castles for kids, of course, stalls and then after the match, Tommy Deaves from Marisco came down to provide some musical entertainment for us as the sun went down.”

Both organizers are currently suffering from mental health issues, Paddy and Rich have set out on a mission to raise £20,000 for “Chasing the Stigma” to educate, enlighten and help more people like them who may not have anyone to speak to and share their daily struggles.

Paddy said “We’ve been blown away by both the support we’ve received from far and near and the number of individuals getting in touch to thank us for drawing attention to a critical issue like this.

“The present stats on male mortality as a result of suicide are so scary, but we can do something to fight it – we just need to eradicate the stigma that most men have that it’s some weakness not to be ok and not been normal.” He further said, “Removing this notion and thoughts is crucial to tackling our daily mental struggles.” 

The lads have had plenty of support from sponsors along the way, and MJM Sports have kindly donated the kits for the Saturday match.

William Kellogg

William Kellogg is a veteran writer who's covered the subject of the intersection of technology, health and mental wellness for nearly two decades.

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