Windsor Palms Care Center Raising Awareness of Mental Health & Self-Care

Shirley Amy
July 10, 2019
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The well known, long and short-term skilled nursing facility, Windsor Palms Care Center of Artesia, has just reported on the great success of its recent self-care and mental health awareness event, which was held for physicians and mental health care providers.

Empowering Attendees With New Strategies

This event, which proved hugely popular, was only made possible by the grant provided by the LACDMH (Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Services), and the CalMHSA (California Mental Health Services Authority). The idea behind this conference, was to give attendees the latest information on mental health issues, such as cutting-edge research results, and news on new protocols. It also looked at ways to battle the stigma of mental illness, and bring much needed awareness to the increasing mental health issues suffered by Americans; as well as the value of self-care, which is not being taken up by countless people in under-served regions.

Key Speakers

The presentations enlightened everyone there. The speakers, who included specialists from Windsor Palms, highlighted the urgent need for the general public to be mindful about mental health, and how, just like physical illness, it can affect anyone. Interestingly, a Registered Dietician informed the audience about the need for optimum nutrition, and a diet that can ameliorate their condition.

This is an extremely important element in the fight for better mental health, and one which may people are not aware of.

There were also two speakers from College Hospital’s Psychiatric Emergency Services, and two from America’s biggest grassroots mental health organization, NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness). In addition to this, Social Service and Community Mental Health Agencies, also gave very informative speeches.

Event Organizer

The organizers from Windsor Palm’s comprised: Dianne Rice, Director of Business Development; Tonantzin Martinez, Behavior Rehabilitation Program Director; and James P. Hagar, administrator. Hagar remarked: “Mental health, or mental illness, is often considered too taboo to discuss in the open. Many individuals deal with their mental health issues without seeking medical attention. They often feel too embarrassed to talk about it with others. The goal of this event was for everyone to meet and network, and to break the stigma of mental health challenges”. Mr. Hagar can be reached at 562-865-0271, should anyone want any further information.

About Windsor Centers

Windsor centers strive to provide top level, person-centered care. They treat everyone who walks through their doors with integrity, compassion and dignity. Everyone who works there shares the same ethos, which is that anyone with mental health problems should be treated with the utmost respect. For far too long, sufferers have been given unacceptable labels due to their psychological condition. Windsor Centers is changing this by informing the general public about mental health, and working hard to enhance and enrich their patients’ lives, and make them happy and meaningful.

Shirley Amy

Shirley Amy is a Holistic Health Specialist and professional writer who's published 4 books. Her  interests include optimum wellness, mental health, fitness, and positive lifestyle change. She holds University and College qualifications in the fields of Health Science, Nutrition, Mental Health, Fitness, Holistic Therapy and Aromatherapy.

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