Top Brain-Boosting Media & Toys of 2019 |

Top Brain-Boosting Media & Toys of 2019

Maria Morioka, BSN, RN
December 8, 2019
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Brain-boosting strategies are now becoming more popular than ever, especially with the dementia crisis rocketing the US and elsewhere. And that is why the Autumn 2019 Academics’ Choice Awards are so important, as it makes it super easy for consumers to chose from its list of mind-building toys and media which have been awarded a esteemed seal of educational quality [1].

And the Winners Are…

LeapFrog, Age of Learning Inc., National Wildlife Federation, Language Together, PhET Interactive Simulations, Overdrive Education, Tech4learning Inc., ClassLink Inc, Everyday Speech, Teach My Toddler Inc., Bob Books Publishing, Happy Numbers, Pixidoku logic puzzles, and a whole lot more! The fill list can be found on the Academics’ Choice  Awards website.

Co-Creator of  Pixidoku, Heather Moore, stated: “It is such an honor to have Pixidoku logic puzzles chosen as a Brain Toy award winner! The reviews we got show how enticing a mental challenge can be when it is approached playfully. Since we first created the puzzles for my own math classes, I’ve wanted to help other teachers bring hands-on puzzles into the classroom. This award is truly invaluable to that mission”.

Brian Potash, OverDrive Education’s head of school growth, remarked that they are: “Thrilled to receive [the award] as acknowledgement of Sora’s impact on student reading. Students and educators around the world are empowered with 24/7 access to the most extensive and diverse catalog of ebooks and audiobooks which opens up a world of reading for all ages, skill levels and abilities”.

And the Editorial Director of the National Wildlife Federation, Renee Burch, noted that they feel extremely privileged that their Ranger Rick Zoobooks and series have received recognition. “For nearly 40 years we have done our best to encourage, teach, and empower children to learn and grow—and your award is not only an honor, but a concrete way to help us to reach and better the lives of even more children,” she said.

So Who made the Choices?

The Advisory Board comprised top graduates and thinkers from revered universities, including George Washington University, Princeton and Harvard. The board’s brain power together with product-appropriate volunteer reviewers, chose the delighted winners. The entries were separated by category (magazines, websites, books, toys, mobile apps, etc.), grade level, and subject field, and then evaluated according to standard criteria based on constructivist learning theory.

Great For Charity

A large percentage of the products that were evaluated, were passed onto a number of deserving charities such as the the Toys for Tots, and Kids In Need Foundations.

More About About Academics’ Choice

This highly respected organization makes it easy for the general public to find the best brain-boosting products, and not have to waste money on items which are not up to standard. Further, it is the only global awards program which is: “designed to bring increased recognition to publishers, manufacturers, independent authors and developers that aim to stimulate cognitive development”.

Maria Morioka, BSN, RN

Maria Morioka, BSN, RN has been a Licensed Registered Nurse in the mental health field for nearly 15 years. Maria strongly believes in educating others about the importance of mental health.

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