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Singer to Take a Break from Touring

William Kellogg
July 8, 2019

The Florence + the Machine singer Florence Welch is thinking of taking a break from tours just because of her deteriorating mental health as she presently suffers from a form of crippling anxiety.

The Florence + the Machine singer is currently battling with crippling anxiety whenever she gets on the road, and this is a mental health problem that she used to self-medicate with alcohol.

Florence has been sober and on a decline for five years and so she has had to come up with new adjustments, coping mechanisms, and strategies but as her ”mental health has gone beyond what she anticipated” she isn’t so sure it is such a price worth paying to sing to her fans.

During an interview with the new issue of Q magazine, she said: ”I used to feel every moment of the anxiety. I never stop crying, I can’t put on a dress, I can’t get this cynical/ scary negative thinking that gets dark and gloomy, always saying to me, that  I shouldn’t exist and I should go down a hole quite fast.

”And then I was like, “Do I need to take it slow and stop for a bit?” But yes this confirms everything, and it’s sad because I do feel like I’m currently at the peak of my performance, my connection with the audience seems fantastic, there is something captivating going on in these shows, the exchange of energy.

”But my mental health has taken a lot of bashing, and I think I need to stop now. At one point, it always was about the price I was willing to pay to make it work, live with it, and keep making music. I think that can’t be possible anymore. I need to take some time off for now and get myself together.”

The musician who is currently 32-years of age recently admitted that when her anxiety reaches its maximum.

She finds it very difficult to prevent ”really dark” thoughts from engulfing her mind and even though she always had the feeling of been able to cope with it while on stage, she has had to deal with the other rigors/stress the life on the road has had to offer.

The ‘Shake It Out’ Crooner – who has been made to headline Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park on July 13, added: ”Even amid a full-blown and Extreme anxiety attack, I can always perform at the show. There’s usually this level of sensitivity that affords me the liberty to perform, but it makes my overall functioning otherwise quite difficult. I don’t have an ocean of coping resources, and I’ve eventually come to that realization.

William Kellogg

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