Congenital heart disease

Congenital Abnormalities and the Risk of Dementia

Have you ever wondered if being born with a heart defect could raise the odds of later developing dementia, especially early-onset dementia? It is estimated that about fifty million (50) people worldwide have dementia. For instance, in the United States, Alzheimer’s disease is recognized as the most common form of dementia in older adults, affecting […]


CBT Recommended For Insomnia & its Related Stress

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (aka CBT), is a hugely popular holistic solution to various problems, including the severe and chronic stress that stops us getting a proper night’s sleep, and brings with it a whole host of unwanted side-effects that impact both our mental and physical health. According to the Mayo Clinic: CBT for insomnia can […]


Genetic Mutation and the Risk of Autism and Schizophrenia

The discovery of the roles of DNA in disease has led to the observation that cells depend on thousands of proteins to function optimally. However, gene mutations influence the functioning of these cells either beneficially or adversely. This is usually due to a change in the instruction carried by a gene to make a protein. […]

psych congress

Rethinking and Reshaping Mental Health Care

The transformation of Mental Health Care has been on the agenda for a long time now, and there are numerous benefits that could help patients if innovative new approaches and ideas have enough support, and are agreed on and implemented. These ideas are regularly put forward by specialists within the mental health sphere, and are […]


Behavioral Digital Transformation

The latest slogan is: “Digital Transformation: It Changes Everything, Even Your Mind” – The room for this transformation is certainly there, as the new digital age has brought with it exciting changes that can benefit us all in countless ways. Yet, one of the fields which has barely changed, is emotional wellness and behavioral health. […]


4 Secret Signs of Hidden Depression

It is common for lots of people to walk through life with one or more forms of depression. For some individuals, the symptoms of depression are quite noticeable while for others the symptoms may be asymptomatic. Judging from the World Health Organization estimates,  about 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally. The […]


RCA Announces “Breaking Free Trauma Track”

RCA (Recovery Centers of America) have announced an innovative course entitled the “Breaking Free Trauma Track,” which will run simultaneously to their addiction treatment program. This is an excellent combination, and participants are likely to benefit far more than they would do just with the addiction program alone. The Advantages The Breaking Free track initiative […]