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Eating Disorder: A Mental Health Issue

Top Autism and Behavior Analysis Virtual Education Provider Sponsors American Psychological Association’s Continuing Education

Can Depression Lead to Suicidal Thoughts?

Coping with Uncertainty and Mental Health

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Research Debunks Notion of ‘Depression Genes’

Advances in molecular genetics and gene wide association studies have been a strong force in the identification of phenotype and genetic predictors for psychosis. The link between genetics and diseases is not limited to psychosis. In fact, genes are major predictors of a wide range of pathological conditions and the association of genes and diseases […]


Obesity as a Risk Factor for Anxiety and Depression in Young People

The role of obesity in the etiology of a wide range of medical condition is widely recognized in medicine. Obesity is linked to several conditions including cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders. But the role of obesity in the etiology of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders has not been extensively studied. Converging lines […]


Clarity Health Solutions Are Continuing Their Innovation and Making Psychiatry Fun

After just a year since its founding, Florida’s Clarity Health Solutions, one of America’s fastest expanding mental health practices, has brought out an exciting new initiative: it is striving to generate a culture of patients bragging about going to psychotherapy. Located at the first-class Jupiter Medical Center Outpatient Surgery Center, Jennifer Hoskins-Tomko, LCSW, the founder […]

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Raising Addiction Treatment Standards: NAATP Establishes Robust Quality Assurance Resource

The NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers), the non-profit trade association and professional membership society for addition treatment providers, has just brought out a much needed, basic set of resources for its member facilities. These comprise means to standardize the implementation of core competency, and quality assurance.  Main Components These include the Measurement Toolkit […]

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How Does Untreated Depression Affect your Brain?

It is not uncommon for individuals with one or more forms of neurodegeneration not to also suffer from depression. These comorbid conditions are especially popular among the aging population. Converging lines of evidence have connected neuroinflammation as a noteworthy contributing factor to both of these ailments. The way to neuroinflammation impacts on neurodegeneration and depression […]

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Making Mental Health a Positive: fodada’s Mental Fitness 5 for Fathers

With Mental Health Awareness Month rapidly approaching in May, clothing social enterprise company, fodada, is playing its part in removing stigmas. – Its strategy is to give fathers and families, 5 easy to use, mental fitness tips, which have been devised in partnership with licensed mental health specialists at Advekit . An Innovative Initiative That […]

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Novel Intervention for Anxiety Symptoms Among People with Bipolar Disorder

Anxiety is common in Bipolar Disorder (BD) that is characterized by worse clinical outcomes including increased suicidality. Despite effective psychological interventions for the management of anxiety, research into treating anxiety in bipolar disorder remains underdeveloped. In fact, current psychological approaches for the management of bipolar disorders have been found to have mixed and inconsistent results, […]

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New Brain Circuit That Controls Anxiety Discovered

Anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric disorders characterized by excessive worry and fear about a number of events or activities which an individual finds difficult to control. Often times the individual experiences extreme symptoms of fatigue, difficulty concentrating or mind going blank, irritability, muscle tension, and sleep disturbance. Anxiety disorders appear to be […]