New Psychological Service: EMDR Therapy, Offered by Healthpointe

Author Shirley Amy
August 19, 2019

Exciting news just in from Healthpointe: they are about to launch a cutting-edge, evidence-based  modality, named EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy), which can be used for a broad spectrum of psychological issues.


So What is EMDR Exactly?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is an advanced technique which works to encourage psychological healing, lessen mental distress, and fortify adaptive, healthy, thought processes. It is excellent for a number of conditions including: grief, anxiety, chronic pain, depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.

The belief behind EMDR, is that: “symptoms occur when trauma and other negative experiences overwhelm the brain’s natural ability to heal. EMDR utilizes bilateral stimulation to aid the healing process by having the individual safely process traumatic memories until the distressing memory is no longer disturbing”.  Moreover, this non-invasive form of therapy also concentrates on improving the patient’s life quality by building up their adaptive beliefs about themselves. – This then empowers them to have a better and more enjoyable quality of life”.

Where is EDMR Available?

This unique program can be found throughout Southern California, at the Healthpointe medical facilities. Renowned psychologist, Dr. Stephanie Johnson, Psy.D., is in charge of this state-of-the-art new program, and is on hand to explain it to prospective patients. She has undergone in depth training within the area of clinical psychology, and specializes in traumatology .

Johnson notes: “EMDR is a remarkably effective therapeutic approach that we are happy to offer at Healthpointe. In addition to our current cognitive behavioral therapy treatment, EMDR furthers our goal of helping patients heal from trauma by enabling them to process traumatic memories in a safe, supportive environment, leading to a better quality of life”.

As many sufferers do not want to contemplate revisiting past traumas in order to achieve successful healing, due to the fact that they are anxious, and sometimes scared; having a non-judgemental, supportive environment is essential, and can often be the deciding factor to move forward into optimal mental health.

More About Healthpoint

Healthpoint is one of the country’s top multi-disciplinary healthcare organizations. It provides a broad spectrum of medical services in various regions including: Riverside county, San Bernardino county, Orange county and LA county. In fact, its facilities span more than 10 cities in Southern California.

A Healthpoint spokesperson stated: “As a highly regarded musculoskeletal group, we have a personal investment in the highest level of service, and we are proud of our record of excellence over the last four decades with private patients, injured workers, urgent care, personal injuries, and professional and non-professional athletes. Leading our organization is a dynamic team of healthcare professionals who continually strive to be at the forefront of medical innovation and healthcare service delivery”.

Author Shirley Amy

Shirley Amy is a Holistic Health Specialist and professional writer who's published 4 books. Her interests include optimum wellness, mental health, fitness, and positive lifestyle change. She holds University and College qualifications in the fields of Health Science, Nutrition, Mental Health, Fitness, Holistic Therapy and Aromatherapy.